Imran Khan got Aamer Liaquat, judge Arshad Malik killed, claims hacker

Hacker makes explosive revelations about Imran Khan in new claim: Judge Arshad Malik was also got killed: Farah Gogi, Bushra Bibi used swear words against Imran Khan, also planned to blackmail Maryam Nawaz by installing cameras in her prison bathroom: Bushra never wanted Nawaz Sharif out of jail ‘alive’, also planned to woo Pervaiz Elahi: Bushra advised Imran to exploit people's religious sentiments

By: News Desk
Published: 11:17 AM, 4 Oct, 2022
Imran Khan got Aamer Liaquat, judge Arshad Malik killed, claims hacker
Caption: Hacker claims Bushra Bibi never wanted Nawaz Sharif comes out prison 'alive'.
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A hacker made startling revelations against former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday, reported 24NewsHd TV channel.

The hacker allegedly exposed why did Imran Khan release Aamir Liaquat's objectionable video first and then got him killed?

According to hacker’s claim, the undeniable evidence of Aamir Liaquat's murder has been delivered to agencies. 

The hacker claimed that he would share the evidence against Imran Khan with public if needed. He further claimed that the PTI chief also got former judge Arshad Malik killed.

Late judge Arshad Malik

The hacker claimed that former first lady was slapped and kicked out of the PM House. She was not allowed to enter the PM House again. 

The hacker declared that Bushra Bibi had stayed at her friend’s house in Lahore for quite a long time and due to their differences they wanted divorce.

FIA DG Bashir Memon

The hacker further claimed that former FIA DG Bashir Memon was locked in the bathroom of PM House on Imran Khan's orders. Memon was threatened to comply with the orders of Imran Khan.

Former FIA DG Bashir Memon

Farah Gogi activities

The hacker also revealed the activities of Farah Gogi saying what would Farah Gogi do in the Prime Minister House? How would she use swear words against Imran Khan along with Bushra Bibi. 

Bushra Bibi and Farah Gogi

The hacker said he would also release Farah Gogi's audio regarding Imran Khan soon. 

The unknown hacker said that Bushra Bibi instructed Khawar Manika on telephone, “Take the police officer to the dera and make him bend in rooster position. How dared he lay his eye on our family.”

He added, “Audio Part 3 is going to be released very soon.”

Bushra’s marriage proposal

He also claimed, “The former first lady had sent marriage proposal to a politician before marrying Imran Khan. But this politician turned down her proposal saying: We do not like saint worship [Piri Faqiri], and we do not want anyone to get a divorce for us.”

Imran’s religious touch to befool people

The hacker claimed how did Imran Khan continue to make the Pakistani people emotional by using religious touch? He also exposed the religious trends being flaunted by the former first lady. 

Bushra Bibi told Imran Khan that people would get easily emotional in the name of religion. She advised Imran that he should cash in on the religious sentiments of the people like Khadim Rizvi, the hacker claimed.

Plan against Maryam Nawaz

The hacker also made shocking revelation about Maryam Nawaz’s imprisonment and the means tactics that had been used to blackmail her.

“Cameras had been installed in Maryam Nawaz’s bathroom in prison at the behest of Bushra Bibi,” he claimed further.

“Bushra Bibi asked Imran Khan to install cameras in the bathroom of Maryam Nawaz so that we could blackmail her if needed,” he added.

Imran’s videos

“Those who think Imran Khan is on top in his objectionable videos will be greatly disappointed. So dirty are his hobbies that no one can even imagine. His videos are not able to be made public,” he maintained.

The hacker also claimed to soon release an audio tape of Imran Khan in which he could be heard hurling abuses at someone.

Head of State visit

The hacker made big revelation regarding the visit of a Head of State to Pakistan. Imran Khan even offered the Head of the State by offering him alcohol during his visit.

Clean chit to PML-N

The hacker also claimed to have audios of PML-N leaders but none of those audios, he said, suggested any anti-State discussion. “All the audios that I have do not show anti-state tendencies of the PML-N,” he added.

Hareem Shah plan

He claimed that Imran Khan also wanted to get TikToker Hareem Shah murdered. Why the PTI chief wanted to get Hareem Shah killed? Which institution get Hareem Shah escaped to foreign country?  The hacker claimed he also had a video about Hareem Shah.


TikToker Hareem Shah 

Bushra never wanted Nawaz Sharif out of jail ‘alive’

The hacker claimed to release an audio tape soon in which he would reveal what Bushra Bibi said about Nawaz Sharif.

He claimed that Bushra Bibi never wanted the incarcerated Nawaz Sharif to come out alive from jail.  

The hacker claimed that Imran Khan planned to change the government in Punjab. Imran was given assurance about the de-seating of 26 people and holding of elections.

Bushra’s plan to woo Pervaiz Elahi

The hacker also claimed that Imran Khan's wife had offered to Pervaiz Elahi to give one of her young female disciples to him in marriage. She also consulted Imran Khan on her plan. She said in this way, they would woo Pervaiz Elahi and would be in their control, the hacker claimed.

Ex-first lady son’s stay at PM House

The hacker also claimed that Usman, son of former first lady Bushra Bibi, stayed in the Prime Minister’s House for 15 days. “And what had been his demands during his stay in the Prime Minister’s House.”

He also said, “A message of Khawar Manika had also been conveyed to Bushra Bibi at the Prime Minister’s House. Her son demanded a special plane for his sister’s wedding. He had also wished that Imran Khan should accompany him in the wedding.”

Why doesn’t Imran Khan go abroad?

“Why doesn’t former prime minister Imran Khan go abroad? Who has confiscated his passport and why? There is an audio on this,” claimed the hacker.

“It is in the audio that anyone who has looted the money of the country cannot go abroad. It is in the audio that he [Imran Khan] cannot go abroad until he returns the money,” added he.

Hours after revealing the information, the hacker deleted its twitter accout.