PTI wins majority in AJK elections

By: News Desk      Published: 01:41 AM, 26 Jul, 2021
PTI wins majority in AJK elections

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Sunday took the majority in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections as results continued to pour in, reported 24NewsHD TV channel Sunday.

According to unofficial results of 44 out of the total 45 seats of the AJK legislature, the PTI has won 24 seats, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People's Party won six seats each and Muslim Conference and Jammu Kashmir People’s Party have won one seat each as the results. In the remaining seven seats, PPP is leading on six seats while PTI has an edge on one seat. 

According to unofficial data 24NewsHD TV channel got on Sunday, the results are:

LA 1 Mirpur 1

PTI’s candidate Azhar Sadiq won the seat by obtaining 14233 votes. His opponent PML-N’s Ch Masood Khalid could take 7609 votes.

LA 2 Mirpur 2 

PPP’s Qasim Majeed won the seat by securing 10,377 votes while his opponent PTI’s Chaudary Zafar Anwar remained runner up by securing 9110 votes. PML-N Muhammad Nazir Inqalibi stood third by bagging 5,384 votes. 

LA 3 Mirpur 3

PTI’s Barrister Sultan Mahmood won the seat by obtaining 18462 votes. PML-N’s Chudgary Saeed could get 15343 votes

LA 4 Mirpur 4

PTI’s Ch Arshad has won the seat by a lead of 1873 votes after obtaining 22752 votes while PML-N’s Chaudhary Rukhsar could obtain 20879.

LA 5 Bhimbher

PML-N’s Col (R) Waqar Ahmad Noor won the seat by taking 21799 votes. PPP’s Pervez Ashraf was runner-up with 14911 votes while Muslim Conference’s Shafiq Jarral took 14911 votes.

LA 6 Bhimbher

PTI’s Chaudhary Shan Ali Soni won the seat by taking 19258 votes. Independent candidate Chaudhary Muhammad Razaq was second with 11281 votes while PML-N’s Raja Maqsood could take 9490 votes.

LA 7 Bhimbher

PTI’s Chaudhary Anwarul Haq won the seat with a lead of 3963 votes.

LA 8 Kotli 1

PTI’s Malik Zafar won the seat by taking 18000 votes. Muslim Conference’s Malik Nawaz was runner up with 11900 votes.

LA 9 Kotli 2

PPP’s Javaid Iqbal Budhanvi won the seat by taking 24511 votes. Muslim Conference’s Sardar Naeem Khan was second with 21070 votes.

LA 10 Kotli 3

PPP’s Chaudhary Yasin won the seat by taking 9562 votes. PTI’s Malik Yousaf was runner up with 9376 votes.

LA 11 Kotli 4

PTI’s Chaudhary Akhlaq won the seat by taking 23063 votes. PML-N’s Raja Nasser Ahmad was runner up with 21678 votes.

LA 12 Kotli 5 

PPP’s Chaudary Muhammad Yasin won the seat by taking 21,527 votes while PML-N’s Muhammad Riasat Khan took 20,080 votes and PTI’s Shaukat Farid got 17,525 votes.

LA 13 Kotli 6

PTI’s Nisar Ansar Abdali won the seat by taking 23448 votes. PPP’s Muhammad Waleed Inqilabi was runner-up with 17468 votes.

LA 14 Bagh 1

Former AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan of the Muslim Conference won the seat by obtaining 29561 votes. PTI’s Major Lateef Khaliq could get 13429 votes.

LA 15 Bagh 2

PTI’s Sardar Tanveer Ilyas won the seat by taking 16780 votes. PPP’s Sardar Ziaul Qamar was runner-up with 9635 votes.

LA 16 Bagh 3 (Pending)

PPP’s Sardar Qamar Zaman Khan is leading with 2,256 votes while PTI’s Sardar Mir Akbar Khan is close on his heels with 2,145 votes. The results have been withheld. The returning officer of the LA 16 Bagh said that the ballot papers were lost in a clash at two polling stations. Polling could not be held at two more polling stations due to the dispute. Re-polling at four polling stations of LA-16 will be decided today. 

LA 17 Bagh 4

PPP’s Faisal Mumtaz Rathore won the seat by taking 24991 votes while PML-N’s Ch M Aziz could get 14135 votes.

LA 18 Poonch and Sudhnuti 1

PTI’s Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi won the seat by taking 24829 votes. PML-N’s Muhammad Yasin Gulshan was runner up with 16000 votes.

LA 19 Poonch and Sudhnuti 2

PML-N’s Amir Altaf won the seat by taking 13413 votes. PPP’s Sardar Saud Sadiq was runner up with 12517 votes while PTI’s Sardar Arzash Khan finished third with 9426 votes.

LA 20 Poonch and Sudhnuti 3 

PPP’s Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan won the seat after getting 11,925 votes, PML-N’s Abdul Rashid Khan remained runner up with 4,883 votes while PTI’s Khattab Azam got 1,412 votes.

LA 21 Poonch and Sudhnuti 4

Jammu Kashmir People’s Party’s (JKPP) Sardar Hasan Ibrahim won the seat by taking 8205 votes. PML-N’s Tahir Anwar was runner-up with 6065 votes.

LA 22 Poonch and Sudhnuti 5

PTI’s Shahida Sagheer won the seat by taking 16692 votes. JKPPP’s Asad Ibrahim was runner up with 10582 votes.

LA 23 Poonch and Sudhnuti 6

PTI’s Sardar Muhammad Hussain Khan won the seat by taking 22,570 Votes. PML-N’s Doctor Muhammad Najeeb Naqi Khan was second with 19,606 votes.

LA 24 Poonch and Sudhnuti 7

PTI’s Sardar Faheem Akhtar Rabbani has won the seat by taking 28103 votes. PML-N’s Sardar Farooq Ahmed Tahir was second with 24103 votes.

LA 25 Neeelum 1

PML-N’s Shah Ghulam Qadir won the seat by taking 14341 votes. PPP’s Mian Abdul Waheed Advocates was second with 12400 votes while PTI’s Sardar Gul Khandan was third with 11807 votes.

LA 26 Neelum 2

PPP’s Mian Abdul Waheed won the seat by taking 18870 votes. PTI’s Raja Ilyas was runner up with 13295 votes while PML-N’s Raja Bashir Khan was third with 3210 votes.

LA 27 Muzaffarabad 1 

PPP’s Sardar Javaid Ayub got the seat after securing 26,441 votes while PTI’s Mir Atiq ur Rehman was the runner-up after securing 19,677 votes.

LA 28 Muzaffarabad 2 

PPP’s Bazil Ali Naqvi won with 26,011 votes while PTI’s Chaudary Shehzad Mehmood runner with 21,873 votes.

LA 29 Muzaffarabad 3

PTI’s Khawaja Farooq Ahmed won the seat by taking 13337 votes. PML-N’s Syed Iftikhar Gillani was runner up with 10557 votes.

LA 30 Muzaffarabad 4

PTI’s Chaudhary Muhammad Rasheed won the seat by taking 18068 votes. PML-N’s Mustafa Bashir Abbassi was runner-up with 10557 votes.

LA 31 Muzaffarabad 5

PPP’s Chaudhary Latif Akbar won the seat by taking 22194 votes. Muslm Conference’s Raja Saqib Majeed was second with 18974 votes. PTI’s Raja Mansoor was third with 6964 votes while PML-N’s Raja Ibrar could take 5949 votes.

LA 32 Muzaffarabad 6

PML-N’s Raja Farooq Haider, who is the current AJK prime minister, won the seat by taking 15598 votes. PPP’s Sahibzada Zafar Ishaq took 15204 votes.

LA 33 Muzaffarabad 7 

PTI’s Dewan Ali Khan won with 26,474 while PML-N’s Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider got 14,384 votes.

LA 34 Jammu 1

PTI defeated PML-N on Lahore’s LA 34 Jammu 1 seat as PTI’s candidate Ch Riaz Ahmad won the election by taking 4320 votes while PML-N’s Nasir Hussain Dar could get 3545 votes. PPP’s Zahid Iqbal got 1489 votes.

LA 35 Jammu 2

PTI’s Ch Maqbool Gujjar won the seat from Gujranwala by obtaining 18883 votes. His opponent PML-N’s Ch Ismael Gujjar could get 16885 votes.

LA 36 Jammu 3

PTI’s Hafiz Hamid Raza won the seat from Sialkot by taking 22096 votes. PML-N’s Chaudhary Ishaq could get 20467 votes.

LA 37 Jammu 4

PTI’s Muhammad Akmal Sargala won the seat from Norowal by obtaining 18748 votes while PML-N candidate Sadiq Bhattli obtained 18581 votes.

LA 38 Jammu 5

PTI’s candidate Chaudhary Akbar Ibrahim won the seat from Gujrat by obtaining 14264 votes. Zeeshan Younas of PML-N was runner up with 8754 followed by TLP’s Ch Zafar Iqbal with 2430 votes, JI’s Rana Umer Siddique with 1390 votes, and Ashraf Chughtai with 125 votes.

LA 39 Jammu 6

PML-N’s Raja Siddique won the seat by taking 9557 votes. PTI’s Nazi Niaz was runner up with 7510 votes while PPP’s Chaudhary Fakhar Zaman could take 2697 votes.

LA 40 Valley 1

Pakistan People’s Party’s Amir Abdul Ghafar Lone won the seat in Karachi by taking 2165 votes. PTI’s Saleem Butt was runner up with 875 votes followed by PML-N’s Tahir Wani with 442 votes. LA 40 Valley 1 consists of 20 districts of Sindh province and 4 districts of Balochistan.

LA 41 Valley 2

PTI’s Ghulam Mohiuddin Dewan won the seat from Lahore by taking 2326 votes. PML-N’s M Ikram Butt was second with 741 votes.

LA 42 Valley 3

PTI won the Multan seat as Asim Sharif Butt was declared the winner after obtaining 1254 votes. PML-N’s Shaukat Ali Shah was second with 1205 votes followed by JI’s Saeed Ahmad Khan and PPP’s candidate was on fourth.

LA 43 Valley 4

PTI’s Javaid Butt, who also had the support of Sheikh Rashid, won the seat by taking 782 votes. He was closely followed by PML-N’s Nasima Wani who took 720 votes while Hamza Majeed Abbasi of PPP has taken 208 votes.

Nasima Wani has also applied for the recounting of the votes.

LA 44 Valley 5

In LA 44 Valley 5, PML-N’s Ahmad Raza Qadri won the seat by taking 2007 votes. He was followed by Mehrun Nisa of Muslim Conference with 1163 votes, Bashir Khan of PTI with 546 votes and Rashid Islam Butt of PPP with 482 votes.

LA 45 Valley 6

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Abdul Majid Khan won the seat by obtaining 3138 votes.