I was about to marry Usman Malik, says Uzma Khan

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 06:49 PM, 28 May, 2020
I was about to marry Usman Malik, says Uzma Khan

Actress Uzma Khan Thursday revealed important facts regarding the controversy circulating on social media for past few days.

Earlier in the day, multiple viral videos on social media showed two women entering the actor’s house and threatening her for allegedly having an extramarital affair with a man named Usman Malik, who is said to be related to Malik Riaz.

One video shows them sprinkling some liquid on Uzma while threatening to kill her.

In another, one of the ladies asks her guards to touch Uzma to see if she would sleep with him.

The ladies can be seen hurling abuses at Uzma and her sister while threatening to have them ‘picked up by intelligence agencies’ as well.

In the video, the woman asks questions about Usman, accuses Uzma Khan, and said: “Tell me the truth, what did you do with Usman? Did you sleep with him?”

The two sisters look shaken during the whole incident. Uzma Khan said that nothing happened between her and Usman and the video ends here.

Giving details at the press conference about the controversy along with her lawyer and sister, Uzma said: “I am thankful to the media who came for my support. All the allegations Usman’s wife is putting against me in the video are wrong. I saw Usman’s wife for the first time that night. I had two years relationship with him and we were about to get married.”

“His wife never called me. All the allegations she made were wrong,” she added.

When asked did she get any offer from the family of Malik Riaz, in response Uzma said: “I belong to a very respectable family. If I would have to make a deal then why would I come here in front of the media and answer their questions. I demand justice from the government of Pakistan.”

“The Guards had put guns on my head that’s why I was saying ‘please give me last chance’. I am an orphan so you can’t kill my parents. The maximum you can do is kill me. I want security because I am afraid they will take an action against me and my sister. I am getting threats from last night,” she added.

She further added: “I request to conduct me and my sister’s Medical examination (my basic right) before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz.”

On the occasion, Uzma’s lawyer Mian Ali Ishfaq said: “The house agreement is on the name of Babar Naseer who is a friend of Uzma. We have no issues with Malik Riaz and he is only victim because his daughters are involved in this case.”

Faizan Javed

Faizan Javed is Lifestyle Editor at 24 News (Digital).