Time to move on and build a better Pakistan

By Murtaza Rafiq Bhutto

August 4, 2023 07:21 PM

I have witnessed the birth and fall of various political parties, as well as the victimization of political leaders and their loved ones. It is becoming common for Pakistanis to witness political figures being imprisoned and political groups protesting.

The arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan ignited rioting throughout the country; this was not the case in the 1990s. Why? Because leaders back then cared about the ethics of criticism or left something on the table for discourse with opposing parties. There were clearly politically motivated prosecutions brought based on false claims or allegations, but there was some respect for the families of opposition leaders. We have observed that after PTI assumed control, opposition parties offered their assistance in running the nation efficiently, but Khan turned them down.

Unfortunately, during Imran Khan's time in office, everything was in decline. Inflation, taxes, levies, and other concerns for regular people all grew, and people lost their employment across all industries. PTI successfully communicated that they would reform Pakistan's politics and had offered hope of a shift in this systematic culture. There's no denying that they were crowd favourites because they had earned the public's confidence. People's faith in them was undoubtedly bolstered by certain members of the business world who entered politics. The Top Notch crew failed to fulfill the promises they made. I vividly recall the promises they made regarding the houses they were going to provide.

In Karachi, one of their MNAs who became well-known through the Fix-it Campaign lost credibility by failing to visit his area after being elected to the National Assembly. This, I assume, is what caused the PPP to step in and fill the political void in Karachi.

Fortunately, PPP shown interest in improving the infrastructure and making things run smoothly. Syed Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, was also accused of engaging in corrupt behaviour, and I have heard people say, "He will resign or be arrested by the NAB," but he overcame these accusations by highlighting his accomplishments in growing his province.

I have noticed improvements in transportation and communication systems over the past 1.5 years, as well as improvements in healthcare facilities. I also heard that the federal government has chosen to turn over major healthcare institutions like NICVD, JPMC, and others. Even after Sindh was devastated by floods, the Sindh Government was crucial in providing the necessary rescue assistance to its citizens. Flood victims have received food, shelter, medical care, and water, and most recently, the Sindh government has begun to construct new homes for those who lost their homes to the flooding. The Sindh government is not only assisting the flood victims in building their homes, but they are also providing them with titles, ensuring their ownership of the land. Because of these developments, I am very optimistic that the Sindhi people would once again select PPP.

PPP has been considerably stronger in the area because to growth and development projects, and these projects were made possible in large part thanks to the efforts of leaders like Syed Murad Ali Shah - the Chief Minister, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah - Minister for local government, Azra Fazal Pechuho - Minister for health, Sharjeel Inam Memon - Minister for transportation, Saeed Ghani - the Minister for labour and human resources, Syed Sardar Shah - Minister for education and Manzoor Wassan - Minister for agriculture. These projects now demonstrate to Pakistanis which political party was or is superior.

Previously, numerous elected officials from various political parties have been accused of corruption and made to testify before the National Accountability Bureau. We have seen arrest scenarios and the plan to apprehend honorable politicians in their respectable homes, in public places, and even in courtrooms.

I still remember the victimization of President Zardari when law enforcement agencies forced him to confess and commit that those false accusations are true, the cuts on his tongue shows that he was a warrior, the one who did not bow down in front of rulers of that time. The law enforcement authorities forbade Zardari from speaking to his family; instead, he had to write down brief notes and give them to a journalist to convey the message. He was respectfully released from prison after serving 11 years of his sentence. In a similar vein, we witnessed the persecution of the Sharif family. We have seen how Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif harmed. I read in a Nawaz Sharif interview that he contemplated whether we must perish in order to demonstrate our need for medical care after learning of the tragic passing of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz. These facts demonstrate that anything is possible in Pakistani politics.

What transpired under the previous administration that every political party was decried as corrupt? Whether it was the PML-N, PPP, or JUI-F, all political parties had to endure harsh criticism & media testing. It is not designed to assist or liberate the PML-N and PPP leaders in the same way as politicians or leaders from other political parties. There was no doubt that the circle surrounding the PML-N and PPP had been tightened in an effort to destroy them in some way.

"Every negative comment should be taken lightly, God knows they know not & they had tried everything to bring us down and let them try further, we have been created for this," Asif Zardari said in an interview when asked about how the narrative has been built up or brainwashed that he is a bad boy, he is an MR. 10%.

I've seen that when political harlotry is performed, national political leaders are usually exalted by such circumstances and are compelled to prove their legitimacy at every turn. Character slander is frequently a significant part of the criticism against them.

President Zardari not only fought valiantly in those circumstances, but after becoming unintentionally in charge following the tragic death of his late wife Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, he turned over power to the assemblies in an effort to strengthen the country's democratic system. Similar to how the Sharif Family has demonstrated that circumstances can change at any time and that you must stay composed in the face of any challenges that may arise.

Politicians do not become leaders only by criticizing the opposition; they must also demonstrate that they are qualified to lead the nation. Retaliation or "an eye for an eye" are not acceptable forms of politics; instead, they are referred to as "Filthy Politics." This serves as a reminder to those followers who enjoy filthy politics.

Do not choose your leaders only based on their caste, religion, or ethnicity. Character assassination politics or anything that separates our people or our faith is not beneficial for us at all.

The son of President Zardari and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is on his path to becoming the country's next prime minister. We all watched how the opposition began to pull him down, but we now see that he has already been appointed as foreign minister.

Some may consider this to be nepotism, but we sometimes forget that political family members' children have already experienced so much that they don't require instruction in how to treat people or deal with the hangman's noose and bars. Similar to how Sharjeel Inam Memon was apprehended before the 2018 elections, his son Rawal Sharjeel was forced to lead his father's election campaign. If he loses, his father's political career or honor may be lost, hence in those conditions it must be a life or death issue.

Sadly, we don't ponder about whether the individual charged is innocent or guilty and instead rely our judgment on hearsay and TV headlines when pressure from the opposing parties is at its most.

Now since we're talking about teaching the youth, simply picture the scenario. Would you need training if you were in his position and had to deal with all those things? or was all you learned from the situation? He wasn't the only politician who had to deal with those issues, either. We saw the nocturnal transfer of provincial assembly member Faryal Talpur from the hospital to the jail.

Similarly, PML-N had faced the same conditions. I'm not saying they were, are, or are not innocent or guilty; I'm simply saying political disagreements shouldn't escalate into a workplace conflict, and using unethical methods to irritate someone while violating their human rights is bad. It's ingrained in our culture that we don't want our family to be involved in business since doing so would only serve to bring out a person's worst traits or cause them to give up. These kinds of situations alter people's perspectives. When things are going our way one day and against us the next, you need a leader who can handle both situations.

Each parent may sense the love they have for their children; I have children of my own. Try to picture how horrible it would be to see your kids while you're behind bars, though. Even if you have everything, there are situations where you may not be able to see your kids for a long time due to the circumstances. These types of emotions can occasionally help you choose a wise leader.

PPP & PML-N had maintained their objectivity throughout and was instrumental in bringing together all the opposition parties to create a coalition government.

PPP promotes the term "Pakistan Khappay" to strengthen the country.

Yes! We respect our institutions, including our cross swords, but we also recognize that in the current economic climate, it is important for us to come together as a nation and work toward improving society. I would advise our youth to adopt a progressive mentality and to vote carefully in the upcoming elections. Now that we have made mistakes and learned from them, it is time to move on and build a better Pakistan.


Murtaza Rafiq Bhutto

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