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Pakistan's UNSC Triumph: A New Era

By Dr Asif Channer

June 9, 2024 05:59 PM

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Pakistan's recent election to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as a non-permanent member marks a significant milestone in its diplomatic journey. Securing 182 votes out of 193 in the UN General Assembly, Pakistan has once again demonstrated its robust standing in the international community. This achievement underscores Pakistan's commitment to celebrating global peace, cooperation, and stability. As Pakistan prepares to begin its two-year term on January 1, 2025, this success brings with it both opportunities and responsibilities that can influence its political and economic stability and its role in regional and global affairs.

This is not the first time Pakistan has been elected to the UNSC. Its previous terms were in 2012-13, 2003-04, 1993-94, 1983-84, 1976-77, 1968-69, and 1952-53. Each tenure has allowed Pakistan to voice its perspectives on critical global issues, from conflict resolution to humanitarian efforts. This consistent election record signifies the international community's trust in Pakistan's diplomatic capabilities and its balanced approach to international relations.

Pakistan’s new role in the UNSC can contribute significantly to its political stability. Being part of the world's most powerful international body provides Pakistan with a platform to influence key global decisions. This can enhance its political leverage and bolster its international standing, potentially attracting more foreign direct investment and stronger bilateral ties. Moreover, active participation in the UNSC can help Pakistan address some of its domestic challenges by fostering a climate of peace and stability, which is crucial for political coherence.

Economically, Pakistan stands to gain from its enhanced global profile. The UNSC seat can be leveraged to foster economic partnerships and secure international investments. By playing a proactive role in global economic forums and peacekeeping missions, Pakistan can demonstrate its stability and attractiveness as an investment destination. Additionally, the credibility gained through this role can aid in negotiating better terms in international trade agreements and securing economic aid and development projects.

Pakistan’s election to the UNSC is particularly significant in the context of South Asia’s geopolitical dynamics. As a representative of the Asia-Pacific region, Pakistan can influence discussions and decisions related to regional security issues, including the Kashmir conflict and the situation in Afghanistan. By advocating for peaceful resolutions and regional cooperation, Pakistan can enhance its leadership role in South Asia. This position also allows Pakistan to address concerns related to India’s increasing influence and ensure that its strategic interests are protected.

As a prominent member of the Organisation of Islamic Conference OIC in representing the interests of the 57 Islamic countries. This position enables Pakistan to bring attention to issues affecting the Muslim world, such as the plight of the Palestinians, the Rohingya crisis, and other conflicts involving Muslim communities. By advocating for these issues on the global stage, Pakistan can strengthen its ties with other Muslim-majority countries and enhance its leadership role within the OIC. This solidarity can lead to greater political and economic cooperation among Islamic nations, fostering a united front on international issues.

Pakistan's status as the only Muslim-majority country with nuclear capabilities further elevates its strategic importance in the UNSC. As an atomic power, Pakistan holds significant responsibility in promoting nuclear non-proliferation and advocating for disarmament. By actively participating in UNSC discussions on nuclear issues, Pakistan can contribute to global efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and promote the peaceful use of nuclear technology. This role not only enhances Pakistan's international stature but also reinforces its commitment to global security.

Furthermore, Pakistan's participation in the UNSC can help address some of the critical challenges facing the international community today, such as climate change, terrorism, and global health crises. By working closely with other member states, Pakistan can contribute to formulating comprehensive strategies to tackle these issues. This collaborative approach can enhance Pakistan's diplomatic relations and ensure that its perspectives and interests are considered in global policy-making.

Pakistan's election to the UNSC also presents an opportunity to strengthen its domestic institutions and governance. By aligning its policies with international standards and best practices, Pakistan can improve its administrative efficiency and transparency. This alignment can attract more foreign investment and aid, contributing to economic growth and development. Additionally, active engagement in the UNSC can inspire reforms in Pakistan's diplomatic and foreign policy apparatus, enhancing its effectiveness in international negotiations.

In conclusion, Pakistan's election as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is a historical achievement that holds significant promise for its political and economic stability. By leveraging this position, Pakistan can enhance its role in regional and global affairs, represent the interests of Islamic countries, and promote international peace and security. This achievement not only elevates Pakistan's international standing but also provides a platform to address critical global challenges, fostering a more stable and prosperous future for the country and the world.

Dr Asif Channer

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