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Afghan govt imposes night curfew to stem Taliban advance

Posted 08:02 PM, 24 Jul, 2021

Warmonger Afghan president must go, say Taliban

Posted 01:13 PM, 23 Jul, 2021

Afghan govt claims 100 civilians ‘massacred’ in Spin Boldak

Posted 11:37 AM, 23 Jul, 2021

Afghan govt, Taliban to meet again after inconclusive Doha dialogues

Posted 01:59 AM, 19 Jul, 2021

Pakistan backs Afghan govt's right to undertake actions on its territory

Posted 10:48 AM, 16 Jul, 2021

UK could work with Taliban in Afghan govt: defence secretary

Posted 06:01 PM, 14 Jul, 2021

Afghan govt meets Taliban in Tehran: Iran

Posted 07:22 PM, 7 Jul, 2021

PM Khan wants 'civilized' relationship with US after Afghan withdrawal

Posted 05:54 PM, 25 Jun, 2021

Peace talks at 'snail's pace' due to Taliban, says Afghan govt

Posted 05:46 PM, 20 Jan, 2021

Afghan govt insists on Taliban peace talks in Kabul

Posted 11:54 AM, 29 Dec, 2020

Cautious optimism as Afghan govt, Taliban begin peace talks

Posted 11:34 AM, 13 Sep, 2020

'Truly momentous' talks open between Taliban, Afghan govt

Posted 10:32 AM, 12 Sep, 2020

Afghan govt frees more Taliban prisoners, paving way for talks

Posted 01:19 AM, 4 Sep, 2020

Taliban declare three-day ceasefire during Eid

Posted 07:47 PM, 28 Jul, 2020

Qatar likely to host start of Taliban-Afghan govt talks: minister

Posted 08:45 PM, 16 Jul, 2020

Afghan govt, Taliban free more prisoners

Posted 12:56 PM, 12 Apr, 2020

Taliban end 'fruitless' meetings with Afghan govt over prisoner swap

Posted 08:44 PM, 7 Apr, 2020

Afghan govt holds talks with Taliban in Kabul on prisoner swap

Posted 05:45 PM, 1 Apr, 2020

Taliban, Afghan govt agree to meet to discuss prisoner release

Posted 10:27 PM, 25 Mar, 2020