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Actress Ayeza Khan takes a break by the beach

Posted 12:05 PM, 14 Oct, 2020

Amna Ilyas hilariously takes a dig at Ayeza Khan’s fairness cream ad

Posted 11:19 AM, 14 Oct, 2020

Ayeza Khan under fire for endorsing fairness cream ad

Posted 03:48 PM, 7 Oct, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan looks stunning in red gown

Posted 12:45 PM, 6 Oct, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan steals our hearts with latest pictures

Posted 10:51 AM, 3 Oct, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan’s latest shoot with sister win hearts of fans

Posted 10:45 AM, 29 Sep, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan slays like a boss in her latest bridal photoshoot 

Posted 12:18 PM, 23 Sep, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan advises fans to eat clean in order to stay fit

Posted 10:38 AM, 2 Sep, 2020

Ayeza Khan spending quality time with family at farmhouse 

Posted 02:23 PM, 23 Aug, 2020

Ayeza Khan says unity makes a nation great

Posted 12:54 PM, 15 Aug, 2020

Ayeza Khan introduces new family member to fans

Posted 08:07 PM, 14 Aug, 2020

Ayeza Khan looks gorgeous in new beach photos

Posted 01:28 AM, 21 Jul, 2020

Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor look gorgeous at daughter’s birthday party

Posted 12:23 AM, 17 Jul, 2020

Actress Ayeza Khan looks ethereal in her latest photoshoot

Posted 11:31 AM, 10 Jul, 2020

Ayeza Khan dazzles in latest photo from ‘Mehar Posh’

Posted 12:45 PM, 20 Jun, 2020

Ayeza Khan hits six million followers on Instagram

Posted 02:02 PM, 10 Jun, 2020

Ayeza Khan says she loves her fans unconditionally

Posted 12:11 PM, 27 May, 2020

Ayeza Khan sends heartfelt greetings on Ramazan

Posted 11:28 AM, 25 Apr, 2020

Ayeza Khan motivates fans to stay fit in quarantine

Posted 12:28 PM, 14 Apr, 2020

Ayeza Khan fears more suicide attempts by people amid virus crisis

Posted 04:54 PM, 2 Apr, 2020

Living my best life ‘in isolation’: Ayeza Khan

Posted 10:55 AM, 28 Mar, 2020

Ayeza Khan asks fans to educate their children on coronavirus

Posted 12:13 PM, 21 Mar, 2020

Ayeza Khan slays in style in her alluring post

Posted 12:11 PM, 18 Mar, 2020

Women that inspired us with their roles on TV screens

Posted 07:45 PM, 10 Mar, 2020