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Posted 10:00 PM, 22 Jan, 2022

Japan extends US military support amid China, N.Korea 'challenges'

Posted 07:00 PM, 7 Jan, 2022

Japan, Australia sign defence treaty with eyes on China

Posted 01:01 PM, 6 Jan, 2022

China will continue to 'modernise' nuclear arsenal: Ministry

Posted 12:25 PM, 4 Jan, 2022

China slams US after space station 'close encounters' with Musk's satellites

Posted 05:48 PM, 28 Dec, 2021

15m more doses of Sinovac vaccines arrive from China via PIA

Posted 10:52 PM, 15 Dec, 2021

South Korea says no boycott of Beijing Olympics

Posted 05:29 PM, 13 Dec, 2021

Pakistan, China to establish sister provinces, cities, parks, lakes

Posted 05:03 PM, 10 Dec, 2021

Beijing warns US will 'pay the price' for Olympics diplomatic boycott

Posted 06:55 PM, 7 Dec, 2021

US announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Posted 07:41 AM, 7 Dec, 2021

Biden, Xi to hold virtual summit on Monday

Posted 10:24 PM, 13 Nov, 2021

After Pakistan, China also say no to Delhi meeting on Afghanistan

Posted 06:29 PM, 9 Nov, 2021

Satellites spot US warship mock-ups at apparent China weapons range

Posted 03:02 PM, 8 Nov, 2021

Taiwan FM warns China conflict would be global 'disaster'

Posted 05:10 PM, 26 Oct, 2021

China, India lash out after no progress in Himalayan border talks

Posted 01:26 PM, 11 Oct, 2021

India matching Chinese troop build-up on disputed border: army chief

Posted 10:54 PM, 4 Oct, 2021

China condemns Australia-US nuclear sub deal

Posted 06:17 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

China says Afghanistan has 'turned new page' after US withdrawal

Posted 05:46 PM, 31 Aug, 2021

Coronavirus origin: US faces another embarrassment

Posted 12:52 PM, 28 Aug, 2021

Rise of Taliban to usher in a ‘new world order’

Posted 10:23 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Death toll in central China floods rises to 302, dozens still missing

Posted 04:45 PM, 2 Aug, 2021

US condemns 'harassment' of foreign journalists in China

Posted 09:28 AM, 30 Jul, 2021

China names 'Wolf Warrior' diplomat as new ambassador in Washington

Posted 04:26 PM, 29 Jul, 2021

Chinese national wounded in gun attack in Karachi

Posted 01:01 PM, 28 Jul, 2021

Is America no more a superpower?

Posted 11:59 PM, 24 Jul, 2021

Terrorism cannot be ruled out in Dasu bus blast: Fawad

Posted 04:15 PM, 15 Jul, 2021

China evacuates citizens from Afghanistan as US exits

Posted 01:59 PM, 10 Jul, 2021

China nuclear plant operators release gas in bid to fix issue

Posted 11:25 PM, 14 Jun, 2021

Brushing off Beijing, Biden official commits with Taiwan to trade ties

Posted 09:14 PM, 10 Jun, 2021

Another million doses of Sinopharm arrive in Islamabad

Posted 10:11 AM, 5 Jun, 2021

China tells US to 'face up' to own rights abuses after Tiananmen criticism

Posted 07:13 PM, 4 Jun, 2021

Putin, Xi hail ties at launch of work on nuclear plants in China

Posted 08:19 PM, 19 May, 2021

Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean

Posted 12:01 PM, 9 May, 2021

Chinese rocket to tumble back to Earth in uncontrolled re-entry

Posted 02:24 PM, 8 May, 2021

China warns US against imposing democratic ideals after Biden speech

Posted 06:13 PM, 29 Apr, 2021

WHO seeks next steps in Covid origins probe

Posted 05:41 PM, 22 Apr, 2021