Options to deal with prevailing crisis

Posted 12:44 PM, 19 Oct, 2021

10:00pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:00 PM, 17 Oct, 2021

Shehbaz Sharif, Fazl agree to launch anti-govt mass movement over inflation

Posted 06:23 PM, 17 Oct, 2021

Fazl urges people to come out on streets to oust government

Posted 11:59 PM, 16 Oct, 2021

PDM meeting postponed 

Posted 04:26 PM, 11 Oct, 2021

Shehbaz, Fazl demand ‘immediate’ elections in country

Posted 05:39 PM, 9 Oct, 2021

JUI-F to support no-trust move against CM Jam Kamal: Fazl

Posted 02:42 PM, 9 Oct, 2021

PDM decides to give tough time to govt on Pandora Leaks

Posted 01:57 PM, 5 Oct, 2021

Govt taking steps to repeal law on special agenda: Maulana Fazl

Posted 06:49 PM, 3 Oct, 2021

JUI-F meets to mull strategy to oust Balochistan CM Jam Kamal

Posted 03:10 PM, 1 Oct, 2021

Azam Swati says CEC is a ‘puppet’ in the hands of Sharifs

Posted 05:39 PM, 20 Sep, 2021

Shehbaz for equitable distribution of resources among provinces

Posted 02:00 PM, 19 Sep, 2021

Mengal in Karachi to spur efforts to oust CM Kamal

Posted 05:01 PM, 18 Sep, 2021

Sanjrani’s Quetta yatra to save CM Kamal not bearing fruit

Posted 01:16 PM, 18 Sep, 2021

Maulana Fazl to arrive in Lahore on Sunday

Posted 12:17 PM, 18 Sep, 2021

PDM cancels Islamabad convention on Sept 26

Posted 10:44 PM, 17 Sep, 2021

BAP members tell Sanjrani not ready to work under Balochistan CM Kamal

Posted 04:13 PM, 17 Sep, 2021

Govt plans to table Election Act Amendment Bill in joint session

Posted 04:09 PM, 17 Sep, 2021

Journalists’ sit-in against PMDA ends

Posted 08:26 PM, 13 Sep, 2021

Journalist sit-in against PMDA continues for second day in Isb

Posted 11:22 AM, 13 Sep, 2021

Cantonment board elections: polling time ends, counting underway across Pakistan

Posted 10:39 AM, 12 Sep, 2021

PDM heads to meet today to finalise mode of anti-govt movement

Posted 02:50 PM, 9 Sep, 2021

Former federal minister Maulana Ameer Zaman dies due to corona

Posted 05:31 PM, 7 Sep, 2021

Terrorists who had struck in Gwadar, Mastung had come from Afghanistan, says Sh ...

Posted 05:36 PM, 6 Sep, 2021

Democracy weakening in country with passage of time, says Fazl

Posted 07:02 PM, 3 Sep, 2021

PML-N Quaid prepares schedule of 51 PDM rallies

Posted 03:48 PM, 3 Sep, 2021

Pakistan observes mourning day as leaders pay tribute to Geelani

Posted 12:51 AM, 2 Sep, 2021

After ‘revolution’ plan comes national govt idea

Posted 12:42 PM, 31 Aug, 2021

Sheikh Rasheed criticises vacating unis to accommodate foreigners in Punjab

Posted 04:51 PM, 30 Aug, 2021

PPP, not patwaris and Maulana, real opposition to PTI govt: Bilawal 

Posted 04:48 PM, 30 Aug, 2021

PDM power show unfolds in Karachi without PPP

Posted 12:25 PM, 29 Aug, 2021

PDM announces countrywide mass movement against IK govt

Posted 06:23 PM, 28 Aug, 2021

PDM heads to chalk out future strategy in Karachi huddle today

Posted 02:24 PM, 28 Aug, 2021

Chairman City News Network Afzal Naqvi laid to rest in Nowshera Virkan

Posted 10:50 AM, 24 Aug, 2021

Chairman City News Network Afzal Naqvi passes away

Posted 08:53 PM, 22 Aug, 2021

JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman congrats Taliban for victory against US troops

Posted 02:25 PM, 16 Aug, 2021