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Saboor Aly enchants fans in black slit gown

Posted 11:10 AM, 26 Sep, 2022

In solidarity with flood-hit people, Azfar Rehman ‘withdraws by choice’ ...

Posted 03:30 PM, 23 Sep, 2022

Saboor Aly criticized for wearing pink fitted knee-length skirt

Posted 12:15 PM, 19 Sep, 2022

Mehwish Hayat goes Japanese for photoshoot

Posted 12:12 PM, 16 Sep, 2022

Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui on-screen chemistry ‘after ages’

Posted 10:11 AM, 6 Sep, 2022

Bollywood mute over Pakistan flood situation

Posted 11:42 AM, 5 Sep, 2022

Mehwish Hayat flashes Pakistan flood appeal on Sky News, BBC

Posted 12:44 PM, 3 Sep, 2022

Saboor Aly in all smiles as she drops pictures from 'Muskhil' set life

Posted 10:22 AM, 3 Sep, 2022

Mehwish Hayat shares fun-loving BTS of her upcoming telefilm

Posted 03:16 PM, 22 Aug, 2022

Mehwish Hayat’s courtyard pictures set internet on fire 

Posted 12:55 PM, 22 Aug, 2022

Mehwish Hayat feels ROYAL in Doha hotel  

Posted 01:23 PM, 21 Aug, 2022

Glamorous Mehwish Hayat never takes a day off

Posted 04:04 PM, 13 Aug, 2022

Netizens draw striking resemblance between Mehwish Hayat and Indian actress

Posted 01:07 PM, 6 Aug, 2022

Mehwish Hayat enjoys merry-go-round ride at amusement park

Posted 02:46 AM, 3 Aug, 2022

Mehwish Hayat too hot to handle in new bold pics  

Posted 05:30 PM, 30 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat offers her fans ‘a journey to stars’

Posted 03:04 PM, 28 Jul, 2022

Noor Bukhari thinks Humayun Saeed and romance are two different things

Posted 12:44 PM, 27 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat's sleeveless gown steals 'London Nahi Jaon Ga' film premiere in LA

Posted 10:14 AM, 24 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat challenges Nimra Bucha to a fight

Posted 03:59 PM, 19 Jul, 2022

Fans line up as London Nahi Jaunga scores high on Box Office

Posted 03:48 PM, 13 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat mentions qualities of her dream man

Posted 03:34 PM, 13 Jul, 2022

‘Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’ in explosive opening, earns crores of rupees on Eid ...

Posted 03:15 PM, 12 Jul, 2022

Soulful ‘Ve Pardesiya’ song from London Nahi Jaunga stirs public emotions

Posted 06:39 PM, 8 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat and Fawad Khan’s impressive appearance in Ms Marvel

Posted 06:27 PM, 8 Jul, 2022

Gorgeous Kubra Khan’s killer moves in 'London Nahi Jaoungi' song win over ...

Posted 11:49 AM, 4 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat finds sweetheart in horse

Posted 11:00 PM, 2 Jul, 2022

Mehwish Hayat shares mesmerizing snippet from set of ‘London Nahi Jaunga’

Posted 07:19 PM, 25 Jun, 2022

Mehwish, Humayun serve at Karachi restaurant to promote ‘London Nahin ...

Posted 04:04 PM, 24 Jun, 2022

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ copies Pakistani film ‘Load Wedding’?

Posted 11:14 AM, 23 Jun, 2022

Mehwish Hayat to appear in telefilm with sister Afsheen

Posted 08:05 PM, 20 Jun, 2022

Humayun Saeed jokingly says Mehwish Hayat wants to marry foreigner

Posted 11:45 PM, 18 Jun, 2022

Mehwish Hayat responds humbly to Twitter user over ageist comment 

Posted 12:17 AM, 18 Jun, 2022

Ms Marvel will represent Pakistanis positively, says Mehwish Hayat

Posted 11:41 PM, 7 Jun, 2022

Fans surprised by Mehwish Hayat and Samina Ahmed’s appearance at Ms Marvel

Posted 03:52 PM, 3 Jun, 2022

Global premiere demand grows for Saba Qamar’s film ‘Kamli’

Posted 10:47 AM, 2 Jun, 2022

Mehwish Hayat over the moon for her friend Saba Qamar on her new film ...

Posted 12:35 PM, 30 May, 2022