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PIAF wants cut in power rates on permanent basis

Posted 08:58 PM, 22 Jan, 2022

Trade, industry need low-cost energy for high growth: PIAF 

Posted 06:37 PM, 9 Jan, 2022

Nauman Kabir says trade, industry need low-cost energy for high growth 

Posted 06:00 PM, 27 Sep, 2021

Complicated procedure hindering investment in SEZs: PIAF

Posted 08:20 PM, 1 Aug, 2021

PIAF for simplifying SEZs’ procedure, as industry unwilling to make new ...

Posted 05:56 PM, 31 Jul, 2021

Construction sector has huge prospects for foreign investors: Nauman Kabir

Posted 01:53 AM, 28 Apr, 2021

Country cannot afford to go back to lockdown again: Mian Nauman

Posted 11:48 PM, 23 Apr, 2021

Single digit tax rate to promote businesses, enhance revenue: Mian Nauman

Posted 08:17 PM, 17 Apr, 2021

PIAF grieved over death of LCCI, PIAF ex-chief

Posted 07:13 PM, 10 Mar, 2021

PIAF rejects IMF loan revival on harsh term of power tariff hike 

Posted 08:37 PM, 12 Feb, 2021

PIAF chief wants focus on enhancing exports volumes

Posted 06:59 PM, 12 Dec, 2020

SBP initiatives very encouraging but implementation not up to mark: PIAF

Posted 11:20 PM, 10 Nov, 2020

PIAF appreciates SBP for extending loan deferment policy for SMEs

Posted 06:48 PM, 9 Jul, 2020

PIAF praises Ogra action against firms behind fuel dearth

Posted 02:42 AM, 2 Jul, 2020

PIAF for concrete steps to attract investment to save jobs

Posted 06:05 PM, 26 Jun, 2020

PIAF calls for running businesses 24/7 till Eid

Posted 03:05 PM, 15 May, 2020

PIAF feels for small and medium enterprises

Posted 11:48 PM, 30 Apr, 2020

PIAF calls for steps to ease 12-year record inflation  

Posted 06:47 PM, 8 Feb, 2020