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Ponytails and lipstick: US women soldiers get style

Posted 01:05 PM, 27 Jan, 2021

In regional game-changer, US seeks to sell F-35 jets to UAE

Posted 01:22 AM, 30 Oct, 2020

US plans sales of top-end fighter jets to UAE: lawmaker

Posted 09:22 PM, 29 Oct, 2020

Ahead of F-35 sale to UAE, Pentagon pledges to keep Israel strong

Posted 02:40 PM, 23 Oct, 2020

Pentagon chief stresses stronger alliances to counter China, Russia

Posted 02:46 AM, 21 Oct, 2020

Indonesia defence minister invited to US after ban lifted

Posted 05:16 PM, 9 Oct, 2020

Palau invites US military to build bases as China seeks regional clout

Posted 06:13 PM, 4 Sep, 2020

US defence chief says China 'destabilising' Pacific

Posted 06:15 PM, 28 Aug, 2020

US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany

Posted 02:02 AM, 30 Jul, 2020

US defense chief plans to visit China on crisis communications

Posted 10:30 PM, 21 Jul, 2020

Pompeo talks to EU ministers as rifts fester

Posted 12:51 PM, 15 Jun, 2020

Pentagon chief opposes using active duty troops to quell protests

Posted 10:07 PM, 3 Jun, 2020

US defense chief opposes use of Insurrection Act to quell unrest

Posted 07:28 PM, 3 Jun, 2020

US navy captain fired for voicing virus concern tests positive: report

Posted 01:10 AM, 6 Apr, 2020

Pentagon chief defends firing of navy captain who voiced virus concern

Posted 08:50 PM, 5 Apr, 2020

Pentagon warns ‘all options on the table’ after Americans killed in Iraq

Posted 01:28 AM, 13 Mar, 2020

US defense chief delays Pakistan trip over coronavirus

Posted 07:52 PM, 10 Mar, 2020

Taliban kill five Afghan soldiers despite violence reduction hopes

Posted 04:02 PM, 17 Feb, 2020

Eight civilians killed in Afghanistan air strike: officials

Posted 04:36 PM, 15 Feb, 2020

Trump says peace deal with Taliban 'very close'

Posted 02:20 AM, 14 Feb, 2020