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Tarin directs to take concrete steps to ensure price control in markets

Posted 08:53 PM, 15 Dec, 2021

Tarin satisfied over stability in prices of sugar, veggies

Posted 03:03 PM, 2 Dec, 2021

AGP unveils mega corruption in PM’s Corona Relief Package of Rs314b

Posted 08:55 PM, 20 Nov, 2021

Tonnes of sugar lost as trailer drowns off Karachi Port

Posted 10:50 AM, 1 Aug, 2021

Utility Stores MD quits, declines to accept contract extension offer

Posted 04:07 PM, 16 Jul, 2021

NCOC conducts demand-supply analysis to ensure smooth oxygen supply

Posted 01:55 AM, 28 Apr, 2021

PM chairs meeting on prices of daily use items in Ramazan

Posted 10:56 PM, 13 Apr, 2021

Nine sugar mills blacklisted for non-supply

Posted 04:30 PM, 27 Mar, 2021

Federal cabinet to take up 12-point agenda at next meeting

Posted 10:40 PM, 19 Dec, 2020

IHC rejects petition against appointment of new DG CAA

Posted 03:10 PM, 7 Dec, 2020

Khaqan Murtaza appointed CAA DG

Posted 10:29 PM, 27 Nov, 2020

No debt rise in past four months, claims Hafeez

Posted 05:46 PM, 3 Nov, 2020

Over 25,000 ton imported sugar arrives, price to come down by Rs15 per kg

Posted 11:55 PM, 28 Oct, 2020

Govt lines up PTV, ZTBL, USC, PIT, PES for privatisation

Posted 03:37 PM, 16 Sep, 2020

Govt floats tender to buy 35,000 metric ton sugar on ex-mill rate

Posted 09:02 PM, 31 Aug, 2020

50, 000 new Utility Stores to be set up countrywide, NA told

Posted 07:27 PM, 24 Jul, 2020

Govt announces loans for establishing Utility Stores’ franchises

Posted 11:08 PM, 9 Jul, 2020

Millers directed to provide sugar to USC at Rs63 per kg

Posted 04:35 PM, 13 Jun, 2020

Utility Stores Corporation cancels ‘shady tender’ for purchase of dates

Posted 11:44 PM, 5 May, 2020

Another sugar scandal in the making?

Posted 01:16 AM, 5 May, 2020

Sindh free to take decisions, shouldn’t blame failures on Centre: Shibli

Posted 11:30 PM, 2 May, 2020

MPs panel blasts Utility Stores functioning

Posted 03:50 PM, 21 Apr, 2020

USC chief fails to justify timeline of dodgy tender for purchase of dates?

Posted 12:46 AM, 18 Apr, 2020

Utility Stores buy sugar without tender for Rs83 per kg

Posted 01:01 PM, 14 Apr, 2020

ECC approves 0.2m tons of wheat for utility stores 

Posted 01:07 PM, 13 Apr, 2020

USC buys 20,000 tonnes of sugar from Tareen at Rs67/kg

Posted 09:30 PM, 1 Apr, 2020

ECC approves Rs1.2 trillion relief package to lift coronavirus-hit nation

Posted 09:12 PM, 30 Mar, 2020

Shehbaz comes up with proposals to keep food, medicine supplies going

Posted 08:45 PM, 26 Mar, 2020

Steps under way to reduce inflation in coming months, NPMC told

Posted 09:53 PM, 5 Mar, 2020

Cabinet okays Rs15 billion relief package

Posted 08:07 PM, 11 Feb, 2020

PIAF calls for steps to ease 12-year record inflation  

Posted 06:47 PM, 8 Feb, 2020