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Mehwish Hayat, Humayun's intimate posing hint towards strong bond 

Posted 02:59 PM, 4 Dec, 2021

Bride Minal Khan doesn’t wait for walima, changes her last name on Instagram

Posted 02:20 PM, 11 Sep, 2021

Sami Khan showers compliments over Ayeza Khan 

Posted 03:51 PM, 6 Sep, 2021

Amna Ilyas’s viral kick-off challenge partner turns out to be her nephew ...

Posted 12:24 PM, 6 Sep, 2021

Hareem Shah from hospital to the parking lot dancing with tourist women 

Posted 11:35 AM, 6 Sep, 2021

Public appalled at Amna Ilyas’ ‘insensitive’ kick off challenge 

Posted 01:57 PM, 31 Aug, 2021

Netizens bash Aamna Ilyas on her wrongly-gone ‘kickoff’ challenge

Posted 01:13 PM, 29 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain claims Humayun, Mehwish, Hania underwent lip fillers surgery

Posted 03:36 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Zarnish Khan entertains her Insta family with acoustic singing, dancing

Posted 12:21 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

'You wanna lick my feet?' says Amna Ilyas to fan who asked her to do makeup on ...

Posted 11:27 AM, 27 Aug, 2021

Is TOP actress Hira Mani feeling helpless in front of her LITTLE kids?  

Posted 12:46 PM, 25 Aug, 2021

Hareem Shah dances like a MADWOMAN in office

Posted 02:24 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Sarwat Gillani celebrates Raksha Bandhan for her cook

Posted 02:12 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Aamna Ilyas’ maiden ‘burping’ date leaves fans rolling out on floor

Posted 12:15 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain reveals she slapped her male servant

Posted 11:29 AM, 24 Aug, 2021

Anoushey Ashraf talks about the dreams of Afghan people

Posted 04:10 PM, 17 Aug, 2021

Shahid Afridi to Shehzad Roy: “TikTok tou band karwao”

Posted 03:31 PM, 17 Aug, 2021

Aamna Ilyas leaves fans in laughters by acting out her inner boyfriend version

Posted 02:48 PM, 17 Aug, 2021

Social media star Nasir Khan Jan is now MARRIED!

Posted 02:34 PM, 13 Aug, 2021

Mathira, Nausheen Shah take a stand for Nimra Khan against ‘abusive’ ...

Posted 12:48 PM, 13 Aug, 2021

Amna Ilyas’ rendition of ‘player’ earns her a slap 

Posted 11:56 AM, 13 Aug, 2021

Model, actress Amna Ilyas tests positive for coronavirus

Posted 11:03 PM, 22 Mar, 2021

Netizens roast dirty ‘thumkas’ of actress Amna Ilyas

Posted 05:59 PM, 10 Mar, 2021

Amna Ilyas faces backlash over wearing short dress 

Posted 11:07 PM, 29 Jan, 2021

Amna Ilyas receives backlash for making funny video on Covid-19 Vaccine 

Posted 01:19 PM, 30 Nov, 2020

Five times Amna Ilyas won us over with her Style Game!

Posted 02:33 PM, 27 Nov, 2020

Amna Ilyas says don’t want to spend life according to people’s point of view

Posted 01:01 PM, 18 Nov, 2020

Yasir Hussain, Amna Ilyas angry over Karachi’s broken transportation system

Posted 02:04 PM, 5 Nov, 2020

Amna Ilyas, Dawar Mehmood drop major hints of a budding romance

Posted 03:11 PM, 23 Oct, 2020

Aamina Haq gives befitting reply to Amna Ilyas' body-shaming comments

Posted 02:57 PM, 14 Oct, 2020

Amna Ilyas hilariously takes a dig at Ayeza Khan’s fairness cream ad

Posted 11:19 AM, 14 Oct, 2020

Actress Amna Ilyas jumps into debate on colourism

Posted 03:30 PM, 7 Oct, 2020

LUX Style Awards announces nominations in 28 categories

Posted 01:05 PM, 3 Oct, 2020

Short film ‘Champa Chambeli’ explores friendship between Indo-Pak

Posted 04:28 PM, 17 Aug, 2020

Meera Jee’s Baaji releases on Amazon Prime Video

Posted 10:39 AM, 8 Aug, 2020

Sushant suicide: Pakistani celebs talk about mental health

Posted 03:24 PM, 15 Jun, 2020