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US VP spokeswoman quits as Kamala hits bumpy patch

Posted 10:04 AM, 3 Dec, 2021

Back in the USSR? Pentagon chief slips up on Russia reference

Posted 06:36 PM, 2 Dec, 2021

Pentagon orders new probe into Syria airstrike investigated by NYT

Posted 09:43 AM, 30 Nov, 2021

Samsung to build $17 bn chip plant in Texas

Posted 12:18 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Iran says hopes for 'constructive' visit by IAEA chief

Posted 07:04 PM, 22 Nov, 2021

Philippines accuses Chinese vessels of firing water cannon at its boats

Posted 11:53 AM, 18 Nov, 2021

Taliban victory sparks hopes of peace in rural Afghanistan

Posted 12:05 PM, 8 Nov, 2021

Three talking points ahead of India-Afghanistan T20 World Cup clash

Posted 10:04 PM, 2 Nov, 2021

Turkey pressing US for F-16 fighters after F-35 plan shot down

Posted 07:36 AM, 29 Oct, 2021

German spy chief pledges revamp after Afghan debacle

Posted 08:52 PM, 27 Oct, 2021

US seeks to contain Beijing anger after Biden vows Taiwan defense

Posted 09:25 PM, 23 Oct, 2021

Pentagon chief sidesteps issue of US 'commitment' to defend Taiwan

Posted 10:11 PM, 22 Oct, 2021

Prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin kills woman on set

Posted 09:25 AM, 22 Oct, 2021

US in uphill battle to challenge Russia in Black Sea

Posted 07:10 PM, 21 Oct, 2021

Pentagon chief urges more Black Sea security cooperation

Posted 08:47 PM, 20 Oct, 2021

US Pentagon chief in Kiev says Russia 'obstacle' to peace

Posted 07:59 PM, 19 Oct, 2021

US Pentagon chief in Ukraine to build defence cooperation

Posted 05:47 PM, 19 Oct, 2021

Russia to host US, China, Pakistan for Afghanistan talks next week

Posted 07:34 AM, 16 Oct, 2021

Panama upset USA in World Cup qualifying, Mexico go top

Posted 09:46 AM, 11 Oct, 2021

Elon Musk says Tesla moving headquarters to Texas

Posted 09:07 AM, 8 Oct, 2021

Marquez wins seventh MotoGP of the Americas, Quartararo eyes title

Posted 09:09 AM, 4 Oct, 2021

Tens of thousands march for US abortion rights

Posted 09:03 AM, 3 Oct, 2021

Superfans lie low as China cracks down on 'false idols'

Posted 09:58 AM, 2 Oct, 2021

US plans to keep Al-Qaeda in check in Afghanistan with air strikes

Posted 12:09 AM, 1 Oct, 2021

US LOST 20-year war in Afghanistan, concedes top general

Posted 07:32 AM, 30 Sep, 2021

US generals say they recommended leaving 2,500 troops in Afghanistan

Posted 12:01 AM, 29 Sep, 2021

Afghan army collapse took US by 'surprise': Pentagon chief

Posted 11:05 PM, 28 Sep, 2021

US security advisor heads to Saudi Arabia in first under Biden

Posted 09:30 PM, 27 Sep, 2021

US House approves $1 billion for Israel's Iron Dome

Posted 08:45 AM, 24 Sep, 2021

Pakistan calls for unfreezing of Afghan assets ahead of UN talks

Posted 08:10 AM, 21 Sep, 2021

9:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:06 PM, 19 Sep, 2021

Three blasts kill at least two in Afghanistan's Jalalabad

Posted 06:59 PM, 18 Sep, 2021

US admits killing civilians in Kabul drone strike

Posted 08:09 AM, 18 Sep, 2021

France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia in row over submarines deal

Posted 07:42 AM, 18 Sep, 2021

US approves $500m helicopter maintenance deal for Saudis

Posted 10:18 AM, 17 Sep, 2021

France furious over US-UK nuclear deal for Australia

Posted 07:50 AM, 17 Sep, 2021