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Stars advise Taurus folks not to buy property today

Posted 09:50 AM, 3 Dec, 2022

Pakistan records couple dozen Covid infections

Posted 11:42 AM, 2 Dec, 2022

Investments made today may reap high profits, stars advise Leo folks

Posted 08:57 AM, 1 Dec, 2022

LGBTQ Arabs fear backlash after World Cup 'spotlight'

Posted 11:46 AM, 30 Nov, 2022

China warns of 'crackdown' after major protests

Posted 10:22 PM, 29 Nov, 2022

Stars advise Cancer folks to lay focus on health

Posted 09:10 AM, 27 Nov, 2022

Three killed in twin school shootings in Brazil

Posted 12:37 PM, 26 Nov, 2022

Time running out for Messi but are World Cup stars aligning?

Posted 03:32 PM, 21 Nov, 2022

China's Tencent wins first game licence in 18 months

Posted 07:03 PM, 18 Nov, 2022

Axed Australian TV soap 'Neighbours' set for revival

Posted 08:58 PM, 17 Nov, 2022

Stars tell Virgos their romantic aspirations may be dashed

Posted 09:19 AM, 17 Nov, 2022

Ben Stokes leads England to another World Cup crown

Posted 12:48 PM, 13 Nov, 2022

Daily Covid tests hike in Pakistan

Posted 09:35 AM, 12 Nov, 2022

Be honest in your romantic relationship, stars advise Scorpio folks

Posted 09:09 AM, 4 Nov, 2022

Reko Diq: Advisory body should be created to oversee agreement, CJP’s ...

Posted 06:34 PM, 2 Nov, 2022

Lucrative deal can bring Taurus folks a lot of money, predict stars

Posted 09:22 AM, 2 Nov, 2022

Australia admit World Cup gamble after 'distressing' injury

Posted 12:05 PM, 21 Oct, 2022

Adopt healthy lifestyle for a trouble-free life, stars tell Virgo folks

Posted 09:17 AM, 21 Oct, 2022

4:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 04:12 PM, 20 Oct, 2022

Cabinet approves relaxing PPRA rules for importing cheap LPG

Posted 03:48 PM, 20 Oct, 2022

Financial problems facing Scorpio folks to evaporate soon, predict stars

Posted 08:53 AM, 20 Oct, 2022

UK govt of Truss rocked as interior minister departs

Posted 10:00 PM, 19 Oct, 2022

UK PM fights for political life in first grilling since U-turns

Posted 02:23 PM, 19 Oct, 2022

Stars advise mentally-stressed Aries folks to take up yoga or meditation

Posted 08:54 AM, 11 Oct, 2022

Stars warn Cancer folks rivals may attempt to upstage you, so remain on your ...

Posted 09:14 AM, 7 Oct, 2022

UK's new govt makes major tax U-turn after uproar

Posted 12:30 PM, 3 Oct, 2022

UK's Truss admits tax cuts misstep at start of tense Tory conference

Posted 06:45 PM, 2 Oct, 2022

Pakistan battters ready to take revenge from England in 4th IT20 today

Posted 12:04 PM, 25 Sep, 2022

Some monetary perks likely to be bestowed on Scorpio folks, predict stars

Posted 10:06 AM, 24 Sep, 2022

Britain to unveil anti-inflation budget as recession looms

Posted 03:54 PM, 23 Sep, 2022

Stars tell Scorpio folks to tighten their belts on financial front

Posted 09:55 AM, 23 Sep, 2022

Pakistan eyes revenge in 2nd T20 match against England today

Posted 09:58 AM, 22 Sep, 2022

All major coronavirus indicators crash in Pakistan

Posted 11:26 AM, 20 Sep, 2022

Halep has nose surgery and is out for rest of 2022

Posted 07:56 PM, 15 Sep, 2022

Zhalay shares lip sync video expressing her love for ‘Gol Gappas’ 

Posted 11:35 AM, 14 Sep, 2022

Leo businessmen will find newer ways of enhancing profits, predict stars

Posted 09:05 AM, 14 Sep, 2022