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Ali Zafar finds Pakistani society too judgmental on fellow countrymen

Posted 10:56 AM, 26 Sep, 2022

Bangladesh boat tragedy death toll hits 51

Posted 09:25 PM, 25 Sep, 2022

China health chief tells public not to touch foreigners after first monkeypox ...

Posted 06:28 PM, 19 Sep, 2022

Woman beaten up for demanding daughter’s school leaving certificate in Narowal

Posted 03:09 PM, 18 Sep, 2022

Hira Mani in hot water after whitening cream ad

Posted 11:37 AM, 17 Sep, 2022

Time is ripe for Capricorn folks to boost their earnings, predict stars

Posted 09:19 AM, 17 Sep, 2022

Stars advise Gemini folks proper financial planning to avoid surprises

Posted 09:02 AM, 16 Sep, 2022

'Miracle' in Jordan as baby pulled alive from collapsed building

Posted 11:48 PM, 15 Sep, 2022

Leo businessmen will find newer ways of enhancing profits, predict stars

Posted 09:05 AM, 14 Sep, 2022

Aymen Saleem’s remedy to cope with summer-ending pain

Posted 03:32 PM, 13 Sep, 2022

Big money on its way to some Gemini folks, predict stars

Posted 09:08 AM, 13 Sep, 2022

Netflix Top 10 TV shows. All You Need To Know  

Posted 03:37 PM, 12 Sep, 2022

Dancing and doing fun things will keep Virgo folks in perfect health, predict ...

Posted 09:24 AM, 8 Sep, 2022

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ film cast dazzles Venice Film Festival 

Posted 12:15 PM, 6 Sep, 2022

Lot of money coming to Cancer folks’ way, predict stars

Posted 09:21 AM, 4 Sep, 2022

Cupid is ready to shoot for Libra folks, predict stars

Posted 09:15 AM, 3 Sep, 2022

Financial front of Libra folks will be in the pink of health, predict stars

Posted 09:12 AM, 2 Sep, 2022

Crackdown against Dengue in Rawalpindi; 58 buildings sealed

Posted 10:00 PM, 28 Aug, 2022

Careful investments by Gemini folks will soon start giving rich dividends, ...

Posted 10:23 AM, 27 Aug, 2022

Money comes to Virgo folks from unexpected source, predict stars

Posted 09:15 AM, 25 Aug, 2022

Three children among four dead in Indian-made mine blast in Zafarwal

Posted 09:57 AM, 21 Aug, 2022

Stars advise Aquarius folks suffering in joint family to move away

Posted 09:55 AM, 20 Aug, 2022

Deaths soar as Pakistan reports 358 coronavirus cases

Posted 11:32 AM, 16 Aug, 2022

Police detain gunman in Canberra Airport shooting

Posted 12:24 PM, 14 Aug, 2022

Zverev in fight to be fit for US Open

Posted 08:51 PM, 11 Aug, 2022

Gemini folks will manage to save money by cutting corners, predict stars

Posted 10:14 AM, 11 Aug, 2022

Belgium pulls more Haagen-Dazs ice-creams from sale

Posted 09:15 PM, 9 Aug, 2022

Ayeza Khan includes cousins, excludes Danish in wedding anniversary celebration

Posted 04:40 PM, 9 Aug, 2022

German diplomat in Brazil arrested, accused of killing husband

Posted 03:12 PM, 7 Aug, 2022

Stars foresee help coming for Virgo folks to multiply money

Posted 11:03 AM, 6 Aug, 2022

Lady Gaga dog robbing suspect recaptured after mistaken release

Posted 08:45 PM, 4 Aug, 2022

Lady Gaga dog robber sentenced to four years in US jail

Posted 02:44 PM, 4 Aug, 2022

Narowal drug addict beats his wife in public

Posted 11:20 AM, 4 Aug, 2022

Spurious ice cream, chili powder seized in Narowal, Chakwal

Posted 11:01 AM, 3 Aug, 2022

Leo folks to be on cloud nine as far as romance is concerned, predict stars

Posted 10:30 AM, 3 Aug, 2022

Stars tell Libra folks their bank balances will keep brimming

Posted 10:11 AM, 2 Aug, 2022