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WhatsApp group admins will be able to control chats

Posted 09:17 AM, 28 Jan, 2022

Learn how to clean WhatsApp and device to avoid crashes

Posted 09:09 AM, 22 Jan, 2022

Sajal Aly's brother doesn't consider Ahad Raza his 'Bara bhai'? 

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Osaka 'proud' of WTA handling of Peng Shuai case

Posted 05:42 PM, 17 Jan, 2022

Hareem Shah adopts DESPERATE MEASURES to get rid of ‘cash in video’ blooper

Posted 02:57 PM, 13 Jan, 2022

FIA launches money laundering probe against Hareem Shah as TikTok star takes ...

Posted 07:14 PM, 12 Jan, 2022

SBP will remain under govt control, Tarin tries to calm opposition's nerves

Posted 04:32 PM, 10 Jan, 2022

Israeli media outlets hacked on Soleimani killing anniversary

Posted 05:36 PM, 3 Jan, 2022

Shilpa Shetty spreads positivity by sharing inspirational quote

Posted 10:15 PM, 2 Jan, 2022

Teen TikTokers confess to killing Khairpur man accidentally

Posted 04:31 PM, 2 Jan, 2022

Palestinians raise alarm over Facebook content 'suppression'

Posted 08:56 AM, 31 Dec, 2021

WhatsApp: what does 7w7 mean and why do many use it to flirt?

Posted 08:32 AM, 30 Dec, 2021

How to restore delet­ed photos from WhatsApp

Posted 08:43 AM, 29 Dec, 2021

Brilliant WhatsApp Feature Long Live This Year!

Posted 08:43 AM, 28 Dec, 2021

Recover your WhatsApp messages without backup

Posted 10:43 AM, 27 Dec, 2021

Meta targets 'cyber mercenaries' using Facebook to spy

Posted 09:27 AM, 17 Dec, 2021

How to know which WhatsApp chat takes up most storage space

Posted 08:37 AM, 17 Dec, 2021

WhatsApp group admins will soon be able to delete messages for everyone

Posted 08:50 AM, 15 Dec, 2021

WhatsApp now lets you set all chats to disappear by default

Posted 08:33 AM, 7 Dec, 2021

Four new functions with which WhatsApp starts 2022

Posted 08:21 AM, 6 Dec, 2021

FO says Twitter account of Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia is 'hacked'

Posted 05:00 PM, 3 Dec, 2021

Twitter shuts propaganda accounts in six countries

Posted 08:24 PM, 2 Dec, 2021

Deleted WhatsApp chats by mistake? Follow these steps to retrieve them

Posted 08:33 AM, 21 Nov, 2021

English cricket racism row takes new turn with Hales blackface photo

Posted 10:21 AM, 19 Nov, 2021

Corgi killing by health workers sparks outrage in China

Posted 01:18 PM, 16 Nov, 2021

China silent on tennis star despite growing overseas concern

Posted 01:54 PM, 15 Nov, 2021

State Sovereignty versus State Bank Autonomy

Posted 11:59 AM, 15 Nov, 2021

WhatsApp users need to be careful: Bad malware messages are circulating – ...

Posted 08:38 AM, 30 Oct, 2021

Now, read deleted WhatsApp messages: Check steps to catch sender off guard

Posted 08:16 AM, 29 Oct, 2021

How to recover a deleted conversation on WhatsApp

Posted 08:33 AM, 16 Oct, 2021

Dutch summon Slovenian envoy over 'tasteless' tweet

Posted 10:46 AM, 15 Oct, 2021

WhatsApp messages are being deleted by UK officials. Should that be allowed?

Posted 08:49 AM, 14 Oct, 2021

Right to express and law of Sedition  

Posted 10:11 PM, 2 Oct, 2021

WhatsApp to start deleting your text messages automatically in latest app update

Posted 10:53 AM, 19 Sep, 2021