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Stuck at the US border, two migrants find solace in love

Posted 12:34 PM, 23 Jan, 2022

Pakistan wants long-term engagement with US: Dr Asad

Posted 09:02 PM, 22 Jan, 2022

Who is behind the mischief of presidential system and why?

Posted 03:36 PM, 22 Jan, 2022

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas welcome baby via surrogate

Posted 09:20 AM, 22 Jan, 2022

Stars tell Taurus people investing in property today seems good idea

Posted 08:58 AM, 22 Jan, 2022

Riyasat-e-Madina and Current Governance

Posted 06:47 PM, 21 Jan, 2022

Sajal Aly's brother doesn't consider Ahad Raza his 'Bara bhai'? 

Posted 02:40 PM, 21 Jan, 2022

Stars advise Aries folks to stay careful while investing in property or stocks

Posted 08:45 AM, 21 Jan, 2022

Biden’s policy failures symbolize US leadership crisis

Posted 05:25 PM, 20 Jan, 2022

Stars alert Libra folks beloved may be too demanding and ignoring them may lead ...

Posted 08:32 AM, 19 Jan, 2022

Are stars lined up in your favour? Find out astrological prediction for Jan 17

Posted 08:34 AM, 17 Jan, 2022

Stars tell Pisces folks today is the ideal day to propose your partner

Posted 08:36 AM, 16 Jan, 2022

‘Starlet’ Ayesha Omar pours love for art from UAE

Posted 07:00 PM, 15 Jan, 2022

Who will decide Sharifs' future political role?

Posted 06:02 PM, 15 Jan, 2022

Stars predict single Leo folks may find suitable partner

Posted 08:22 AM, 15 Jan, 2022

Stars ask Virgo folks to abort date outing tonight

Posted 08:27 AM, 14 Jan, 2022

ECP recommends action against 60 officials in Daska by-poll case

Posted 05:05 PM, 13 Jan, 2022

PTI government skating on thin ice

Posted 02:24 PM, 11 Jan, 2022

Does not see PPP becoming part of PDM again, says Asif Zardari

Posted 01:10 PM, 11 Jan, 2022

Stars predict Gemini folks may have brimming bank balance today

Posted 12:12 AM, 11 Jan, 2022

Stars say Virgo folks may have new business opportunities in hand today

Posted 08:41 AM, 8 Jan, 2022

Stars speak of unexpected financial support from family for Leo folks

Posted 08:29 AM, 7 Jan, 2022

IB may be behind Maryam’s private talk leak, says Sanaullah 

Posted 04:06 PM, 6 Jan, 2022

Zara Noor urges fans to carry an old sweater while going out, here's why 

Posted 02:28 PM, 6 Jan, 2022

Crazy Nimra Khan spotted swaying on road among New Yorkers

Posted 11:01 AM, 6 Jan, 2022

Kashmiris lament UN inaction on eve of 73rd anniversary of non‑implementation ...

Posted 08:02 PM, 5 Jan, 2022

Saba Qamar rejects marriage proposal with style 

Posted 12:30 PM, 5 Jan, 2022

JANUARY 5: Kashmir Solidarity Day for its right to self-determination

Posted 02:07 PM, 4 Jan, 2022

It’s romance calling for Libra folks!

Posted 09:56 AM, 4 Jan, 2022

World powers make rare pledge to prevent nuclear weapons spread

Posted 07:26 PM, 3 Jan, 2022

Sania Mirza has just the right solution for BAD DAYS 

Posted 11:30 AM, 3 Jan, 2022

Ex-India captain Ganguly negative for Omicron, discharged

Posted 05:55 PM, 31 Dec, 2021

World to ring in New Year under Covid cloud

Posted 09:01 AM, 31 Dec, 2021

Ertugrul inspired Pakistani bride entrance video goes viral 

Posted 11:41 AM, 30 Dec, 2021

US names envoy to step up fight for Afghan women's rights

Posted 07:35 AM, 30 Dec, 2021

US appoints envoy to defend Afghan women's rights

Posted 09:41 PM, 29 Dec, 2021