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Sarah-Falak's bond ends up inspiring Katrina-Vicky? 

Posted 02:45 PM, 23 Nov, 2021

Sarah's beloved Falak expresses desire for daughter to become ANOTHER SARAH  

Posted 02:31 PM, 22 Nov, 2021

Alizeh Shah's 'DISRESPECTFUL' nature brought into spotlight by Naveed Raza

Posted 11:49 AM, 22 Nov, 2021

TikTok trend brings gold for some wives while silver for others

Posted 12:49 PM, 19 Nov, 2021

Passions burn as teaser of Alizeh-Falak's upcoming video goes public

Posted 11:33 AM, 18 Nov, 2021

Kubra Khan is in 'ISHQ' with her chicken nuggets 

Posted 02:09 PM, 17 Nov, 2021

Sarah Khan's heavy desi eating habits brought into spotlight by hubby Falak 

Posted 12:25 PM, 17 Nov, 2021

Alizeh Shah, Falak Shabir's latest picture oozes intimacy - What's cooking?

Posted 11:34 AM, 17 Nov, 2021

Humaima Malick warns to take legal action after her boldly edited pictures ...

Posted 12:04 PM, 16 Nov, 2021

Sanam Jung has an eye on Nida Yasir's impressive bank balance

Posted 11:44 AM, 15 Nov, 2021

Sarah Khan gets romantic shoutout by Falak Shabir during a concert 

Posted 11:06 AM, 15 Nov, 2021

Here's Hareem Shah's stance regarding TRUE LOVE 

Posted 10:39 AM, 15 Nov, 2021

Sarah Khan's face all around the city, Falak Shabir beams with pride 

Posted 11:09 AM, 10 Nov, 2021

Mommy Sarah Khan gently swaying one month old Alyana is heartwarming 

Posted 12:09 PM, 8 Nov, 2021

Fans confused at Sarah Khan's 'disinterested attitude' during baby Alyana's ...

Posted 12:14 PM, 1 Nov, 2021

Sarah Khan’s baby Alyana spotted relaxing like a rock star in her cradle 

Posted 11:51 AM, 20 Oct, 2021

Aged fans STUN Sarah Khan with celebrating her baby’s birth 

Posted 11:41 AM, 19 Oct, 2021

New-mum Sarah Khan drops clicks from TV serial Laapata

Posted 10:19 PM, 15 Oct, 2021

Sneak peek into Aiman Khan’s daughter Amal’s night-time swimming session 

Posted 03:16 PM, 14 Oct, 2021

Baba Falak Shabir takes on the duty to babysit new-born Alyana 

Posted 02:17 PM, 14 Oct, 2021

Here’s diva Zara Noor’s obsession with distinctive shoes

Posted 12:07 PM, 14 Oct, 2021

Baby Alyana disrupts dad Falak’s rose deliveries for mom Sarah Khan 

Posted 11:35 AM, 12 Oct, 2021

Excited Nida Yasir visits Sarah Khan’s daughter at the hospital 

Posted 03:17 PM, 11 Oct, 2021

Lovebirds Sarah Khan, Falak reveal newly born daughter Alyana's face

Posted 11:27 AM, 9 Oct, 2021

Sara Khan, Falak Shabbir blessed with a baby girl

Posted 05:12 PM, 8 Oct, 2021

Sarah Khan’s ‘Phool Wala’ brings another rose 

Posted 03:39 PM, 7 Oct, 2021

Falak Shabir praises wife Sarah on her excitement to mount motherhood 

Posted 03:44 PM, 2 Oct, 2021

Mahira Khan, Aiman Khan are OUTRAGED with leading institute’s unfair ...

Posted 02:51 PM, 2 Oct, 2021

Nida Yasir experiences brutal humiliation in front of Sania Saeed 

Posted 12:31 PM, 2 Oct, 2021

Heart-warming glimpses of Sarah Khan’s ‘Champi time’ courtesy husband ...

Posted 12:57 PM, 30 Sep, 2021

Gohar Rasheed approves of Falak’s devoted attitude towards wife Sarah Khan

Posted 12:14 PM, 27 Sep, 2021

Sarah Khan takes on the job to convey random ‘love messages’ to sister ...

Posted 02:38 PM, 24 Sep, 2021

Nursery tour – Is Sarah Khan expecting a girl?

Posted 11:56 AM, 22 Sep, 2021

Actress Sarah Khan shows her baby bump

Posted 02:45 PM, 14 Sep, 2021

Esra Bilgic, Sarah Khan compete for most beautiful women of 2021 title

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Falak Shabir celebrates ‘blush moment’ as Sarah Khan plants love on his ...

Posted 03:39 PM, 29 Aug, 2021