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Imran Khan dubs Ishaq Dar biggest conman of Pakistan

Posted 03:58 PM, 26 Sep, 2022

Pressure on Putin as reservists called up for war

Posted 12:53 PM, 22 Sep, 2022

Putin calls up reservists, US takes his threats 'seriously'

Posted 08:48 PM, 21 Sep, 2022

Michael Jordan 'Last Dance' jersey sells for $10.1 million

Posted 04:21 PM, 16 Sep, 2022

LHC releases ‘historic’ verdict on freedom of speech

Posted 11:16 AM, 16 Sep, 2022

Ukraine reclaims swathes of territory as Russian troops fall back

Posted 09:13 AM, 12 Sep, 2022

Ukraine reclaims swathes of east in shock offensive to oust Russia

Posted 08:43 AM, 11 Sep, 2022

15-foot-long python beaten to death in Azad Kashmir

Posted 11:05 AM, 3 Sep, 2022

On risky mission, UN team reaches Ukraine nuclear plant

Posted 06:20 PM, 1 Sep, 2022

Villagers brave snakes and hunger to protect land in flooded Sukkur

Posted 02:07 PM, 1 Sep, 2022

Zelensky meets IAEA team over nuclear plant as fighting rages in south

Posted 10:17 PM, 30 Aug, 2022

'Third' of Pakistan under water as flood aid starts pouring in

Posted 01:18 PM, 30 Aug, 2022

IAEA chief leading team to Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Posted 10:32 AM, 29 Aug, 2022

Fresh shelling at Ukraine power plant as operator warns of radiation risk

Posted 06:34 PM, 27 Aug, 2022

Ukraine nuclear plant back online as inspection prepared

Posted 11:52 AM, 27 Aug, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 09:29 PM, 26 Aug, 2022

US warns Moscow not to divert power from Ukraine nuclear plant

Posted 04:33 PM, 26 Aug, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 08:19 PM, 25 Aug, 2022

Putin allows inspectors to visit Russia-held nuclear plant via Ukraine

Posted 12:04 AM, 20 Aug, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 11:23 PM, 19 Aug, 2022

Putin, Marcon urge Ukraine nuclear inspections 'as soon as possible'

Posted 10:51 PM, 19 Aug, 2022

UN chief asks Russia not to cut nuclear plant from Ukraine grid

Posted 06:55 PM, 19 Aug, 2022

Nuclear drill in Ukraine 'to prepare for all scenarios'

Posted 02:29 PM, 18 Aug, 2022

Imran declares all his and Bushra Bibi's assets

Posted 05:22 PM, 15 Aug, 2022

Ukraine, Russia accuse each other of bombing nuclear plant

Posted 09:05 AM, 14 Aug, 2022

Ukraine, Russia accuse each other of nuclear plant strikes

Posted 08:51 PM, 13 Aug, 2022

UN warns of 'grave' crisis amid violence near Ukraine nuclear plant

Posted 09:18 AM, 12 Aug, 2022

US calls on Russia to stop military activity at nuclear sites

Posted 08:53 PM, 8 Aug, 2022

Ukraine calls for de-militarisation of occupied nuclear plant

Posted 05:29 PM, 8 Aug, 2022

New strike on Ukraine nuclear plant: Russian authorities

Posted 06:01 PM, 7 Aug, 2022

PTI should ask resignation from IK not from CEC, says Maryam Nawaz

Posted 04:26 PM, 4 Aug, 2022

First monkeypox case reported in Japan

Posted 06:54 PM, 25 Jul, 2022

WHO triggers highest alert on monkeypox global spread

Posted 09:11 AM, 24 Jul, 2022

WHO to say if it will trigger highest alert on monkeypox

Posted 04:34 PM, 23 Jul, 2022

Polling ends, voting underway for Punjab's by-elections on 20 seats

Posted 09:39 AM, 17 Jul, 2022

Russia shelling from Europe's largest nuclear plant: Ukraine agency

Posted 03:10 PM, 16 Jul, 2022