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Hareem Shah files FIR against friend for physical incursion

Posted 12:19 PM, 25 Mar, 2021

FIR registered against alleged torture on TikTok star Hareem Shah

Posted 12:48 PM, 22 Mar, 2021

TikTok hottie Hareem Shah asks FIA to stop friend from leaking her videos

Posted 04:48 PM, 19 Mar, 2021

Hareem Shah breaks into tears in her new video

Posted 12:26 PM, 14 Mar, 2021

Hareem Shah shares Mufti Qavi’s dance-and-hug video

Posted 09:48 PM, 30 Jan, 2021

Mufti Abdul Qavi stripped of ‘Mufti’ title after Hareem Shah video

Posted 05:31 PM, 22 Jan, 2021

Trailer of Hareem Shah’s upcoming web series is out

Posted 05:13 PM, 20 Jan, 2021

Missing Hareem Shah found murdered in Dir

Posted 12:23 PM, 29 Oct, 2020

Hareem Shah’s video with superstar Humayun Saeed goes viral 

Posted 11:46 AM, 24 Oct, 2020

Heart-broken Hareem Shah dubs ban on TikTok unjustified

Posted 05:24 PM, 10 Oct, 2020

Hareem Shah’s video with Ahsan Khan goes viral

Posted 11:24 AM, 9 Oct, 2020

TikTok star Hareem Shah appears in game show ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’

Posted 01:17 PM, 1 Oct, 2020

Hareem Shah 'lectures' Mufti Qavi on ethics, and he takes it!

Posted 01:19 PM, 20 Sep, 2020

Hareem Shah deprived of jewellery, cash

Posted 03:24 PM, 8 Sep, 2020

TikToker Hareem Shah to star in Punjabi song

Posted 11:37 AM, 30 Jul, 2020

Hareem Shah to support govt ban on TikTok if imposed

Posted 12:28 PM, 17 Jul, 2020

Hareem Shah strikes at MQM’s heart

Posted 11:38 AM, 15 Jul, 2020

Hareem Shah’s Halime Sultan ‘wish’ gets roasted on twitter

Posted 11:26 AM, 5 Jun, 2020

Hareem Shah says she hasn’t faced any scandal yet

Posted 02:58 PM, 28 May, 2020

Hareem Shah asks Donald Trump to make Tik Tok video with her

Posted 04:44 PM, 8 Apr, 2020

Hareem Shah to host Ramazan transmission?

Posted 05:06 PM, 30 Mar, 2020

Notice to police for not registering case against Hareem Shah, Sandal Khattak

Posted 03:26 PM, 27 Mar, 2020