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Root's unbeaten 180 edges England ahead against India in second Test

Posted 11:33 PM, 17 Aug, 2021

Aamir Liaquat lodges FIR against Haniya Khan due to his family falling apart

Posted 11:24 AM, 24 Jun, 2021

Alizeh Shah ignores criticism with new bold video

Posted 11:36 AM, 2 Jun, 2021

Actor Aijaz Aslam will not tolerate any hate coming in Ahmed Shah’s way 

Posted 12:46 PM, 31 May, 2021

Aamir Liaquat says Nagin dance was meant to bring smiles on people’s faces

Posted 12:55 PM, 24 Apr, 2021

Sana Fakhar’s kissing photo with her husband goes viral 

Posted 12:52 AM, 9 Feb, 2021

Hania Amir’s latest photo burns many hearts

Posted 01:11 PM, 22 Dec, 2020

Singer Aima Baig has a message for haters

Posted 12:22 PM, 7 Dec, 2020

Actress Hira Mani puts on boxing gloves and warns haters

Posted 11:22 AM, 28 Oct, 2020

‘Ertugrul’ actress Hande Subasi trolled for wearing revealing clothes

Posted 12:51 PM, 12 Oct, 2020

Actress Hira Mani receives backlash for wearing revealing dress

Posted 12:37 PM, 12 Oct, 2020

Sarwat Gillani hits back at hater who criticised her acting in Churails

Posted 11:02 AM, 9 Oct, 2020

Actress Hareem Farooq has a special message for haters

Posted 10:56 AM, 9 Oct, 2020

Actress Sarah Khan trolled for wearing ‘shopper’ dress

Posted 12:37 PM, 8 Oct, 2020

Pemra bans Mehwish Hayat’s biscuit TV ad

Posted 11:23 AM, 6 Oct, 2020

Actress Hania Amir has a silent message for haters

Posted 01:06 PM, 24 Sep, 2020

Hania Aamir, Ashir Wajahat's singing video goes viral

Posted 12:22 PM, 23 Sep, 2020

Actress Sadaf Kanwal sends out a strong video message to haters 

Posted 02:20 PM, 17 Sep, 2020

Sadaf Kanwal shares heartfelt birthday wishes for Shahroz Sabzwari 

Posted 12:50 PM, 25 Aug, 2020

Yasir Hussain gives shut-up call to troll 

Posted 12:28 PM, 17 Aug, 2020

Ayesha Omer slams sexual harassment survivors undermining each other

Posted 04:31 PM, 4 Jul, 2020

Asim Azhar’s new video song featuring TikTok star Areeka is out

Posted 03:23 PM, 3 Jul, 2020

Designer Khadija Shah slams haters for spreading fake news

Posted 12:53 PM, 2 Jul, 2020

Hania Amir desires to play the role of ‘Halime Sultan’

Posted 12:12 PM, 30 Jun, 2020

Hania Amir speaks in support of Areeka Haq

Posted 12:56 PM, 29 Jun, 2020

Saba Qamar slams haters for trolling TikTok star Areeka Haq

Posted 03:27 PM, 28 Jun, 2020

I love my wife no matter what people think: Yasir Hussain

Posted 05:22 PM, 27 Jun, 2020

Asim Azhar in hot water after sharing picture with Tik Tok star

Posted 03:11 PM, 27 Jun, 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput suicide: Sonam Kapoor gets rape, death threats

Posted 08:19 PM, 21 Jun, 2020

Nadia Hussain shuts down haters like a boss

Posted 11:34 AM, 19 Jun, 2020

Mansha Pasha hits haters of cricketer Hasan Ali for SIX

Posted 11:29 AM, 19 Jun, 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: Protests in India, Karan Johar faces backlash

Posted 10:06 PM, 18 Jun, 2020

Nida Yasir talks about her haters during Covid-19 illness

Posted 11:15 AM, 16 Jun, 2020

Ahsan Khan shuts down haters criticizing ‘bold’ Turkish actress Esra Bilgic

Posted 10:36 AM, 12 May, 2020

Zara Noor shuts down haters criticising Sadaf Kanwal, Shahroz Sabzwari

Posted 02:02 PM, 15 Apr, 2020

Jemima, you are also a Jadugarni!

Posted 03:21 PM, 18 Feb, 2020