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Biden presses Xi on Xinjiang, Hong Kong in first phone call

Posted 10:19 AM, 11 Feb, 2021

Chinese TikTok rival Kuaishou nearly triples on Hong Kong debut

Posted 12:59 PM, 5 Feb, 2021

US lawmakers nominate Hong Kong democracy movement for Nobel

Posted 10:55 PM, 3 Feb, 2021

Hong Kong lifts first virus lockdown after 13 new cases found

Posted 10:55 AM, 25 Jan, 2021

Hong Kong tracker fund stops investing in China firms on US ban list

Posted 01:08 PM, 11 Jan, 2021

China trial of 'Hong Kong 12' begins, as US decries 'tyranny'

Posted 04:14 PM, 28 Dec, 2020

Hong Kong imposes three-week hotel quarantine for visitors

Posted 04:55 PM, 25 Dec, 2020

China sanctions US officials over Hong Kong moves

Posted 05:57 PM, 10 Dec, 2020

China blasts 'crazy' US sanctions over Hong Kong

Posted 04:59 PM, 8 Dec, 2020

US slaps sanctions on 14 Chinese officials over Hong Kong

Posted 10:16 PM, 7 Dec, 2020

Hong Kong police make national security arrests over campus protest

Posted 04:26 PM, 7 Dec, 2020

Hong Kong reimposes strict social distancing as fourth wave strikes

Posted 05:46 PM, 30 Nov, 2020

Hong Kong judges say prison staff wrong to cut inmate's hair

Posted 12:13 PM, 27 Nov, 2020

Domestic workers take Hong Kong cricket by storm

Posted 11:08 AM, 19 Nov, 2020

Hong Kong-Singapore 'travel bubble' to launch on November 22

Posted 11:30 AM, 11 Nov, 2020

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers threaten mass resignation

Posted 05:31 PM, 9 Nov, 2020

TikTok owner ByteDance eyes asset listings in Hong Kong

Posted 03:15 PM, 6 Nov, 2020

Hong Kong rolls out mass testing as virus continues US spread

Posted 11:03 AM, 1 Sep, 2020

Hong Kong court throws out private case against officer who shot protester

Posted 04:01 PM, 24 Aug, 2020

Hong Kong removes 'sensitive' content from school textbooks

Posted 04:58 PM, 20 Aug, 2020

Hong Kong leader returns Cambridge fellowship over rights row

Posted 11:44 AM, 16 Aug, 2020

China-US ties plunge further over Hong Kong sanctions

Posted 02:12 PM, 8 Aug, 2020

Hong Kong row has 'poisoned' ties with UK: China ambassador

Posted 07:12 PM, 30 Jul, 2020

Anger grows over Hong Kong university sacking of activist

Posted 12:19 PM, 29 Jul, 2020

Hong Kong reimposes social distancing as virus cases spike

Posted 07:39 PM, 13 Jul, 2020

Hong Kong to shut all schools after virus cases spike

Posted 06:22 PM, 10 Jul, 2020

Canada suspends extradition with Hong Kong over China security law

Posted 01:37 AM, 4 Jul, 2020

US Congress set to target banks to press for Hong Kong rights

Posted 09:15 PM, 2 Jul, 2020

US ends arms exports, China restricts visas in Hong Kong row

Posted 02:11 PM, 30 Jun, 2020

US restricts visas for Chinese officials over Hong Kong

Posted 10:32 PM, 26 Jun, 2020

US Senate approves sanctions bill over Hong Kong

Posted 10:16 PM, 25 Jun, 2020

EU Parliament slams China's new national security law for Hong Kong

Posted 01:30 AM, 20 Jun, 2020

Trump to curb China students, strip Hong Kong privileges

Posted 11:24 AM, 30 May, 2020

Trump to restrict Chinese students, strip Hong Kong privileges

Posted 12:46 AM, 30 May, 2020

China refuses Security Council meeting on Hong Kong

Posted 12:53 PM, 28 May, 2020

China threatens US counter measures over Hong Kong action

Posted 06:40 PM, 25 May, 2020