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Court issues arrest warrant of Iffat Omar in Ali Zafar defamation case

Posted 12:02 AM, 9 Sep, 2021

Iffat Omar responds to troll with equal resentment over ‘cosmetic surgery’ ...

Posted 02:53 PM, 4 Sep, 2021

Maya Ali is unwell, has requested for prayers

Posted 02:13 PM, 4 Sep, 2021

Junaid Safdar reveals where his wedding reception will be held 

Posted 12:08 PM, 4 Sep, 2021

Khalilur Rehman dislikes number of top Pakistan film, TV actresses

Posted 11:26 AM, 30 Jul, 2021

‘Shaitan buddiyan’ comment invites Ayesha Omar, Iffat Omar’s wrath

Posted 12:39 PM, 27 Jun, 2021

Iffat Omar apologises for getting coronavirus vaccination out of turn

Posted 11:42 PM, 6 Apr, 2021

Iffat Omar accused of lying on social media after getting ‘privileged’ ...

Posted 12:02 AM, 30 Mar, 2021

Lawyer directed to ensure Meesha’s presence in court on Apr 10

Posted 11:20 PM, 27 Mar, 2021

Meesha Shafi wants to appear in court via video link from Canada

Posted 07:11 PM, 6 Mar, 2021

Iffat Omar demands security from Ali Zafar’s fans

Posted 04:01 PM, 1 Feb, 2021

Court summons Meesha on 18th over hate campaign against Ali Zafar

Posted 12:48 PM, 15 Jan, 2021

Iffat Omar stands by Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar

Posted 02:26 PM, 19 Dec, 2020

FIA declares Meesha Shafi, others guilty of online campaign against Ali Zafar

Posted 02:52 PM, 16 Dec, 2020

FIA investigator in Meesha Shafi case suspended

Posted 02:42 PM, 2 Oct, 2020

Meesha, Iffat Omar and others booked over vilification of Ali Zafar

Posted 12:56 PM, 29 Sep, 2020

Model Zainab seeks action against fake accounts maligning Ali Zafar’s name

Posted 10:46 PM, 23 Sep, 2020

Iffat Omar faces backlash after her joke about rape

Posted 01:02 PM, 19 Sep, 2020

Court summons Meesha Shafi, witnesses on 28th

Posted 09:17 PM, 18 Sep, 2020

Actress Atiqa Odho comes out in support of Noman Ijaz

Posted 11:21 AM, 10 Sep, 2020

I took retakes just to hug Rahat Kazmi, says Iffat Omar 

Posted 04:56 PM, 9 Sep, 2020

I dated many girls but my wife never knew, admits Noman Ijaz

Posted 01:56 PM, 8 Sep, 2020

Iqra Aziz says rapists should be publicly hanged 

Posted 12:00 PM, 18 Aug, 2020

Ushna Shah says it all in Iffat Omer show

Posted 12:31 PM, 14 Jul, 2020

What about nepotism in our own backyard, Iffat Omar slams Pakistani artists

Posted 04:46 PM, 25 Jun, 2020

Men get paid better in our drama industry, says Mansha Pasha

Posted 10:56 AM, 25 Jun, 2020

Celebs declare yellow is the colour of the season

Posted 02:40 PM, 24 Jun, 2020

Zahid Ahmed says marriage saved him from ‘so much beauty’ in showbiz field

Posted 12:25 PM, 4 Jun, 2020