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Tunisia in political turmoil as president sacks more officials

Posted 04:21 PM, 29 Jul, 2021

Cabinet re-invites opposition for talks on electoral reforms

Posted 05:37 PM, 27 Jul, 2021

GCU to establish Institute of History

Posted 08:44 PM, 25 Jul, 2021

PML-N to win AJK elections if Centre did not interfere, says Kh Saad

Posted 12:22 PM, 23 Jul, 2021

Reshaped Turkey marks five years since failed coup

Posted 07:40 AM, 15 Jul, 2021

Rouhani says hopes Iran's next govt can conclude nuclear talks

Posted 06:59 PM, 14 Jul, 2021

Moroccan journalist gets 5-year jail term for 'indecent assault'

Posted 08:31 AM, 10 Jul, 2021

LHC bars lower court judges from using social media

Posted 12:44 PM, 9 Jul, 2021

Punjab govt employees to get July salary with 60% raise

Posted 03:16 PM, 7 Jul, 2021

Newly-appointed LHC CJ removes registrar in his first order

Posted 01:07 PM, 6 Jul, 2021

District courts’ ‘quality’ verdicts lessen burden on superior judiciary, ...

Posted 02:56 PM, 5 Jul, 2021

Iran fears 'fifth wave' of Covid linked to Delta variant

Posted 07:12 PM, 3 Jul, 2021

Raisi to clarify, but also complicate West's dealings with Iran

Posted 08:54 PM, 24 Jun, 2021

Cop axed to death in Lahore

Posted 01:06 PM, 24 Jun, 2021

John McAfee, software pioneer turned fugitive, dead by suicide in Spanish jail

Posted 12:59 PM, 24 Jun, 2021

Zardari, Ch Parvez discuss national and provincial politics

Posted 09:29 PM, 22 Jun, 2021

Iran's Raisi calls for effective nuclear talks, rules out Biden meet

Posted 08:06 PM, 21 Jun, 2021

UN warns of worst 'cascade of human rights setbacks in our lifetimes'

Posted 06:53 PM, 21 Jun, 2021

LHC CJ lays stress on joint efforts to better judicial system

Posted 12:48 AM, 21 Jun, 2021

Huge changes for internet and Big Tech as Lina Khan takes over US FTC

Posted 09:38 AM, 20 Jun, 2021

PM Khan congrats new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, call him brother

Posted 05:18 PM, 19 Jun, 2021

‘Champion of the poor’ Ebrahim Raisi wins Iran presidential vote

Posted 08:45 AM, 19 Jun, 2021

'The only vote I have': Iranians mull tough choices

Posted 10:23 PM, 18 Jun, 2021

Iran votes for new president with ultraconservative tipped to win

Posted 09:09 PM, 18 Jun, 2021

Ali Khamenei casts ballot as Iran elects new president

Posted 08:00 AM, 18 Jun, 2021

Iran's Ebrahim Raisi headed for presidency as poll rivals pull out

Posted 12:43 PM, 17 Jun, 2021

'Time on no one's side' in Iran nuclear talks: France

Posted 08:38 PM, 16 Jun, 2021

Iran to elect president amid nuclear talks, sanctions pain

Posted 05:16 PM, 16 Jun, 2021

Biden picks Pakistani-American Lina Khan as US Federal Trade Commissioner

Posted 05:02 PM, 16 Jun, 2021

Iran to elect new president on Friday amid nuclear talks

Posted 09:51 AM, 16 Jun, 2021

US confirms first Muslim American federal judge, who is of Pakistan-origin

Posted 10:57 AM, 11 Jun, 2021

Justice Siddiqui being punished for speaking truth: Maryam

Posted 04:11 PM, 9 Jun, 2021

In Kenya, mystery and silence over Gulen abduction

Posted 04:52 PM, 8 Jun, 2021

Mexico president suffers setback in legislative elections

Posted 05:12 PM, 7 Jun, 2021

Incumbent upon Imran, Sharifs to respond to Bilawal’s allegations

Posted 02:30 PM, 5 Jun, 2021

UN experts urge Canada, Vatican to probe school graves discovery

Posted 10:29 PM, 4 Jun, 2021