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PM Adviser Dawood assures not to withdraw Textile & Apparel Policy 2020-25

Posted 10:20 PM, 11 Jan, 2022

FEBR asks govt to facilitate businesses thru cut in tax rate on oil products

Posted 06:46 PM, 9 Jan, 2022

Four including Ayesha Omar, Ushna Shah to work in historical Turkish-Pak venture

Posted 11:54 PM, 30 Dec, 2021

Govt under fire for ‘wrong economic policies’ 

Posted 07:41 PM, 6 Dec, 2021

10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:25 PM, 24 Sep, 2021

Businessmen call for lessening heavy taxes’ burden on power sector to cut cost

Posted 10:42 PM, 28 Aug, 2021

Businessmen for competitive interest rate at regional countries’ level

Posted 05:55 PM, 31 Jul, 2021

Tarin unveils steps to sustain economic growth; phone calls, SMS not to be taxed

Posted 12:45 PM, 12 Jun, 2021

Constant increase in energy rates to make Pak products uncompetitive: APBF

Posted 02:30 AM, 23 Apr, 2021

China-Pakistan cooperation on solar technology

Posted 05:59 PM, 15 Mar, 2021

PM to visit Sialkot tomorrow: Firdous

Posted 09:31 PM, 8 Dec, 2020

Science Ministry to introduce game-changer video games, says Fawad

Posted 02:14 PM, 24 Nov, 2020

From window to jug: Lebanese recycle glass from Beirut blast

Posted 02:52 PM, 6 Sep, 2020

PIAF demands regionally competitive energy tariffs for industry 

Posted 07:12 PM, 22 Aug, 2020

FEBR for reducing production cost to make industry competitive in global market

Posted 06:48 PM, 11 Aug, 2020

FPCCI suggests strategy to boost local industry

Posted 04:26 PM, 21 Jul, 2020

PM wants Ravi River Front housing project executed as soon as possible

Posted 10:15 PM, 18 Jul, 2020

Didn’t find anything interesting in Ertugrul: Syed Noor

Posted 01:51 PM, 13 Jul, 2020

Traders call for concrete steps in budget to keep industrial wheel running

Posted 03:50 PM, 11 Jun, 2020

ECC approves Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy to promote local industry

Posted 12:14 AM, 22 May, 2020

Mehwish Hayat speaks in support of Turkish series ‘Ertugrul’

Posted 12:15 PM, 19 May, 2020

Domestic PPE manufacturing being increased to combat COVID-19: Fawad Ch

Posted 08:30 PM, 14 May, 2020

PM says no compromise on anti-smuggling operation

Posted 07:43 PM, 14 May, 2020

PIAF asks govt to support industry for demand-supply balance amid pandemic

Posted 01:42 AM, 29 Mar, 2020

Govt warned of missing growth target in major sectors

Posted 04:36 PM, 7 Mar, 2020

Did you really know who Naeem-ul-Haq was?

Posted 11:01 PM, 15 Feb, 2020