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Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimour cool fashion photoshoot goes viral 

Posted 01:42 PM, 3 Nov, 2022

Nadia Hussain arranges master makeup class at beauty festival 

Posted 03:36 PM, 31 Oct, 2022

Hritik Roshan praises Mahira Khan’s ‘Mukkho’ attire

Posted 12:25 PM, 23 Sep, 2022

Pakistani celebrities counterblast trolls for negative views on awards event

Posted 11:54 AM, 23 Sep, 2022

Nadia Hussain, Babar Ali sync together on ‘Kitna Haseen Chehra’

Posted 04:02 PM, 16 Sep, 2022

Nadia Hussain 'super excited' for Pakistan-India Asia Cup match 

Posted 10:33 AM, 4 Sep, 2022

TV play Pehchan’s ‘happy ending’ impresses viewers

Posted 11:56 AM, 3 Sep, 2022

Saboor Aly sets temperature soaring in her off-shoulder top outfit

Posted 03:15 PM, 31 Aug, 2022

Nadia Hussain pranks fans on April Fool's Day

Posted 07:18 PM, 1 Apr, 2022

CUDDLY DOG accompanies couple in their ROMANTIC WEDDING DANCE 

Posted 03:53 PM, 25 Mar, 2022

Nadia Hussain’s JUDGEMENTAL JIBE at new models invites Sarah Zulfiqar’s ...

Posted 12:31 PM, 25 Mar, 2022

Public OUTRAGED at Sajal-Ahad’s ‘IMPULSIVE DECISION’ to part ways too soon

Posted 11:33 AM, 25 Mar, 2022

Nadia will respond MERCILESSLY to netizens who won’t follow social media ...

Posted 03:27 PM, 23 Mar, 2022

Nadia Hussain inspires fans by flaunting ageless looks in brownish outfit

Posted 11:33 PM, 11 Mar, 2022

Nadia Hussain’s 'four in one' picture stuns fans

Posted 04:29 PM, 21 Feb, 2022

Shahzad Roy urges people to get vaccinated 

Posted 08:57 PM, 2 Oct, 2021

Netizens grind Nadia Hussain for getting vocal about gay men’s rights

Posted 03:20 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Veiled Sanam Chaudhry’s BIG NO to companies for promotion of their products

Posted 02:36 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Does Hira Mani hold the upper hand in her relationship with husband Mani?

Posted 01:24 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Child in Saba Qamar comes out and performs Michael Jackson’s moonwalk

Posted 12:17 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Yasir Hussain becomes SERIAL KILLER in upcoming project 

Posted 02:56 PM, 30 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain DISPLEASED with Abrar-ul-Haq on his perception of ‘proper ...

Posted 12:54 PM, 30 Aug, 2021

Party girl Hareem Shah enjoys belly dancing in buzzing Turkey restaurant 

Posted 11:29 AM, 30 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain claims Humayun, Mehwish, Hania underwent lip fillers surgery

Posted 03:36 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Asad’s love for Zara Noor is not a PUBLIC AFFAIR 

Posted 02:42 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Netizens ask Shehzad Roy the secret behind his anti-aging skin and here’s how ...

Posted 01:51 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Sadaf Kanwal’s birthday hug to husband Shahroz gets cold response 

Posted 03:36 PM, 25 Aug, 2021

Junaid Safdar sings ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada’ at his wedding. Really?

Posted 02:30 PM, 25 Aug, 2021

Is TOP actress Hira Mani feeling helpless in front of her LITTLE kids?  

Posted 12:46 PM, 25 Aug, 2021

Nasir Khan Jan is eager to show pictures, reluctant to reveal wife’s face 

Posted 12:09 PM, 25 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain to her husband: “I love you but won’t cook for you”

Posted 11:34 AM, 25 Aug, 2021

Zaid Ali gives shout-outs to fans by sharing cutest picture of wifey, son

Posted 03:32 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Selfie craze drowns two friends in Neelum River

Posted 03:19 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Part-time marriage stirs controversy after okayed by Al Azhar University scholar

Posted 03:06 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Medical report of woman, daughter confirms rape by rickshaw driver

Posted 02:44 PM, 24 Aug, 2021

Hareem Shah dances like a MADWOMAN in office

Posted 02:24 PM, 24 Aug, 2021