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Britain's 'word of the year': permacrisis

Posted 10:58 PM, 1 Nov, 2022

UK's Sunak poised to become PM as Johnson quits leadership race

Posted 10:30 AM, 24 Oct, 2022

UK's Johnson, Sunak meet amid private battle for Tory leadership

Posted 12:36 PM, 23 Oct, 2022

UK's Sunak qualifies for PM race as Boris Johnson eyes comeback

Posted 08:43 AM, 22 Oct, 2022

'Sound money' Sunak bids to become UK's first Hindu PM

Posted 10:11 AM, 1 Aug, 2022

Sunak or Truss to be Britain's next PM

Posted 09:22 PM, 20 Jul, 2022

Rishi Sunak tops first round of voting for new UK Tory leader

Posted 11:04 AM, 14 Jul, 2022

Sunak tops first round of voting for new UK Tory leader

Posted 10:52 PM, 13 Jul, 2022

UK PM Johnson steps down

Posted 04:57 PM, 7 Jul, 2022

UK PM Boris Johnson resigns from party post

Posted 09:02 AM, 7 Jul, 2022

UK ministers to tell Johnson to quit as PM: reports

Posted 10:17 PM, 6 Jul, 2022

UK PM Johnson vows to plough on despite resignations

Posted 06:43 PM, 6 Jul, 2022

Top ministers including Sunak turn on UK's scandal-tainted PM

Posted 12:18 AM, 6 Jul, 2022

UK PM back in crisis mode after foreign tour

Posted 06:37 PM, 1 Jul, 2022

No 'transformation' for UK's Johnson despite vote drubbing

Posted 05:12 PM, 25 Jun, 2022

Johnson in crisis after Tories crushed in UK parliamentary votes

Posted 06:47 PM, 24 Jun, 2022

Boris Johnson's Tories crushed in twin UK parliamentary by-elections

Posted 03:05 PM, 24 Jun, 2022

UK by-elections pose fresh threat to Boris Johnson

Posted 04:37 PM, 23 Jun, 2022

Scandal-hit UK PM loses second ethics chief

Posted 09:04 PM, 16 Jun, 2022

UK's PM 'in denial' as he faces MPs after confidence vote

Posted 07:38 PM, 8 Jun, 2022

UK PM Boris Johnson survives Tory MPs' no-confidence vote

Posted 09:09 AM, 7 Jun, 2022

British PM's grip on power threatened as Tory MPs hold confidence vote

Posted 03:09 PM, 6 Jun, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II ends historic jubilee with vow to carry on

Posted 09:41 AM, 6 Jun, 2022

UK's PM called 'habitual liar' in interview with mothers

Posted 08:02 PM, 1 Jun, 2022

UK's PM launches new 'Partygate' defence as rebels mobilise

Posted 11:36 PM, 31 May, 2022

Ex-Tory leader predicts UK's Johnson to face confidence vote

Posted 08:06 PM, 31 May, 2022

UK's Johnson blasted for 'Partygate' culture

Posted 05:28 PM, 25 May, 2022

UK PM Johnson under fire over 'Partygate' photos

Posted 06:06 PM, 24 May, 2022

Queen to miss UK parliament opening as PM eyes political revival

Posted 04:47 PM, 10 May, 2022

UK voters head to polls with historic Northern Ireland result predicted

Posted 06:51 PM, 5 May, 2022

Britain and India in new defence and security partnership

Posted 03:38 PM, 22 Apr, 2022

UK's PM arrives in India for hard sell on anti-Russia action

Posted 12:01 PM, 21 Apr, 2022

UK's PM sorry for party fine but called 'man without shame'

Posted 06:15 PM, 19 Apr, 2022

From Brexit to 'partygate': blustering UK PM Johnson faces moment of truth

Posted 07:55 PM, 12 Apr, 2022

UK's Johnson to scrap all Covid legal curbs as criticism mounts

Posted 09:56 AM, 21 Feb, 2022

UK's Johnson under fire over 'Trumpian' attack on rival

Posted 07:35 PM, 8 Feb, 2022