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The ‘nuclear’ life of AQ Khan

Posted 11:29 AM, 10 Oct, 2021

Nobel Physics Prize awarded to two climate experts & Italian theorist

Posted 03:04 PM, 5 Oct, 2021

US duo win Nobel Medicine Prize for heat and touch work

Posted 03:05 PM, 4 Oct, 2021

Covid vaccines a shoo-in? Medicine opens Nobel season

Posted 09:26 AM, 4 Oct, 2021

Cash-strapped Nobel Institute seeks fresh funding

Posted 09:41 AM, 1 Oct, 2021

Nobel science, literature prizes to be awarded in winners' home countries

Posted 08:48 PM, 23 Sep, 2021

Chinese astronauts return to earth after 90-day mission

Posted 01:20 PM, 17 Sep, 2021

What the world's most accurate clock can tell us about Earth and the cosmos

Posted 07:41 PM, 9 Sep, 2021

Darren Sammy gets Sitara-i-Pakistan as President confers 126 civil awards

Posted 12:14 PM, 14 Aug, 2021

Lahore board issues date sheet for ninth class exams

Posted 02:52 PM, 11 Aug, 2021

ADB appoints new Country Director for Pakistan

Posted 12:32 PM, 10 Aug, 2021

Cheating mafia returns as inter exams start in Sindh

Posted 10:44 AM, 10 Aug, 2021

No 'eureka moment': the evolution of climate science

Posted 10:41 AM, 2 Aug, 2021

Tradition of cheating kept alive in Sindh inter exam

Posted 11:00 AM, 30 Jul, 2021

Another paper leakage in Sindh casts doubts on utility of exams 

Posted 10:36 AM, 27 Jul, 2021

Paper leakage, use of cellphones make a mockery of intermediate exams in Sindh

Posted 12:31 PM, 26 Jul, 2021

Teen boy will fly to space with Jeff Bezos

Posted 09:04 AM, 16 Jul, 2021

No break in cheating, leaking of papers in Matric exam

Posted 10:43 AM, 14 Jul, 2021

Sindh exam boards lend a deaf ear to cheating, paper leak reports

Posted 11:42 AM, 9 Jul, 2021

Cheating mafia on the rampage in Sindh as more papers leak

Posted 11:21 AM, 8 Jul, 2021

Matriculation exam has become a farce in Sindh

Posted 10:20 AM, 7 Jul, 2021

Sindh education system on the edge as cheating binge on the rise

Posted 11:06 AM, 6 Jul, 2021

Matric paper leaked in Sindh as exams start

Posted 11:49 AM, 5 Jul, 2021

IHC orders removal of National Bank president, chairman

Posted 12:09 PM, 29 Jun, 2021

Irreversible warming tipping point possibly triggered: Arctic mission chief

Posted 09:14 PM, 15 Jun, 2021

China ready to launch first crew to new space station

Posted 05:03 PM, 15 Jun, 2021

Medvedev to renew grudge match with 'greatest rival' Tsitsipas

Posted 08:00 PM, 7 Jun, 2021

Conference on Plasma Physics begins at FCC University

Posted 05:01 PM, 20 May, 2021

Race for jabs in India's vaccination drive exposes digital divide

Posted 03:43 PM, 13 May, 2021

Chinese rocket to tumble back to Earth in uncontrolled re-entry

Posted 02:24 PM, 8 May, 2021

Extreme melt reduced Greenland ice sheet storage: study

Posted 05:22 PM, 20 Apr, 2021

India opens up Covid-19 jabs to all adults as New Delhi goes into lockdown

Posted 07:56 PM, 19 Apr, 2021

Meet three Pakistani students who make ACCA’s global toppers list

Posted 05:29 PM, 16 Apr, 2021

Prince Philip's life in five snapshots

Posted 05:29 PM, 9 Apr, 2021

A 'starter kit' for supermassive black holes?

Posted 12:12 PM, 30 Mar, 2021

Light show over US sky likely SpaceX debris re-entering atmosphere

Posted 05:37 PM, 26 Mar, 2021