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Ego clash with lover is likely and threatens to turn relationship sour, stars ...

Posted 11:19 AM, 21 May, 2022

Nobel Foundation returns ancient gold ring to Greece

Posted 05:56 PM, 20 May, 2022

Hamza Shehbaz to continue as Punjab CM: Marriyum Aurangzeb

Posted 05:18 PM, 20 May, 2022

Good investment choices likely to multiply wealth for Libra folks, predict stars

Posted 10:04 AM, 20 May, 2022

10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:11 PM, 19 May, 2022

IGP and Additional IG Establishment Punjab promoted to grade 22 

Posted 07:14 PM, 19 May, 2022

Stars predict brimming coffers for Aquarius folks

Posted 09:50 AM, 19 May, 2022

Some Trump China tariffs impose 'more harm on consumers, businesses': Yellen

Posted 07:51 PM, 18 May, 2022

Romantic relationship of Taurus folks on the rocks today, predict stars

Posted 09:34 AM, 18 May, 2022

Marital boat of Aries folks set to cruise, predict stars

Posted 09:39 AM, 17 May, 2022

Chile defence minister's home robbed, presidential car stolen

Posted 01:19 PM, 15 May, 2022

It’s day for Gemini folks to say I LOVE YOU, predict stars

Posted 09:59 AM, 15 May, 2022

Can’t allow PTI to use Christians’ turf in Sialkot to hold its rally: Hamza

Posted 11:49 AM, 14 May, 2022

Stars predict a cosy twosomes for Leo lovers

Posted 10:00 AM, 14 May, 2022

Karachi Blast: Police register case against Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army

Posted 11:56 PM, 13 May, 2022

UK sanctions Putin circle including alleged girlfriend

Posted 06:50 PM, 13 May, 2022

Sri Lanka defence chief rules out military coup

Posted 04:54 PM, 11 May, 2022

Tokyo to recognise same-sex partnerships from November

Posted 10:32 AM, 11 May, 2022

Shoot-on-sight orders in Sri Lanka after deadly violence

Posted 10:15 AM, 11 May, 2022

Shoot-on-sight orders issued to quell Sri Lanka riots

Posted 07:54 PM, 10 May, 2022

Asian stocks fall on Wall Street rout, oil prices tumble

Posted 09:05 AM, 10 May, 2022

Western multinationals congratulate Hong Kong's new leader

Posted 09:21 PM, 9 May, 2022

Disgrace of mother’s day; Children torture elderly mother in Faisalabad

Posted 06:49 PM, 8 May, 2022

Bahamas police investigate mysterious death of three Americans

Posted 02:47 PM, 8 May, 2022

Good fun is in store for those Taurus folks who are in love, predict stars

Posted 10:05 AM, 8 May, 2022

Man, son shot dead in Quetta over property dispute

Posted 02:57 PM, 7 May, 2022

Gemini folks will succeed in stabilizing their financial front, predict stars

Posted 09:54 AM, 7 May, 2022

Financial front remains stable for Pisces folks, predict stars

Posted 10:15 AM, 6 May, 2022

Stars warn dark secrets may shake foundation of love for some Libra folks

Posted 10:10 AM, 5 May, 2022

PTI leader Gulzar Sabtain Shah’s widow tortured

Posted 04:48 PM, 4 May, 2022

Stars see Sagittarius folks’ hopes for a quiet romantic evening dashed

Posted 10:28 AM, 4 May, 2022

Advice on health front is likely to do wonders for Taurus folks, predict stars

Posted 09:39 AM, 2 May, 2022

Imran Khan is mastermind behind Madinah incident: Marriyum

Posted 05:34 PM, 1 May, 2022

Imran Khan says ruling coterie all set to give itself second NRO

Posted 04:06 PM, 1 May, 2022

US national shot dead over property row in Hafizabad

Posted 11:52 AM, 1 May, 2022

GDA seals Farah Khan's office

Posted 12:08 AM, 1 May, 2022