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Putin proposes one-year extension of New START treaty

Posted 08:54 PM, 16 Oct, 2020

Half of Karabakh population displaced as Putin says 'tragedy' must end

Posted 06:34 PM, 7 Oct, 2020

Putin 'concerned' over reports of foreign fighters in Karabakh

Posted 08:48 PM, 2 Oct, 2020

Putin proposes election non-interference pact with US

Posted 08:24 PM, 25 Sep, 2020

Putin vows military support for Belarus' Lukashenko

Posted 02:33 AM, 28 Aug, 2020

Putin urges all sides to 'find way out' of Belarus crisis

Posted 06:40 PM, 27 Aug, 2020

Putin's unexpected dilemma: What to do in Belarus?

Posted 08:37 PM, 19 Aug, 2020

Putin calls for emergency Iran summit to decrease tensions

Posted 08:24 PM, 14 Aug, 2020

US trying to avoid arms race with Russia and China, Trump tells Putin

Posted 12:47 AM, 24 Jul, 2020

Putin hails Russia's virus response on visit to Crimea

Posted 07:34 PM, 20 Jul, 2020

Putin thanks Russians for 'support and trust' after vote

Posted 06:49 PM, 2 Jul, 2020

Russian voters allow Putin to stay in power until 2036

Posted 01:10 PM, 2 Jul, 2020

Pompeo doesn't rule out inviting Putin to expanded G7 summit

Posted 07:57 PM, 1 Jul, 2020

US says Putin seeking to stay in power for life

Posted 11:21 PM, 29 Jun, 2020

Russians cast early votes in ballot to extend Putin's rule

Posted 12:54 PM, 25 Jun, 2020

Putin says Russia ready to cooperate on cutting oil production

Posted 11:18 PM, 3 Apr, 2020

Putin, Trump discuss cooperation on virus, oil: Kremlin

Posted 08:58 PM, 30 Mar, 2020

Parliament passes reforms allowing Putin to run again

Posted 03:41 PM, 11 Mar, 2020

Putin pardons US-Israeli woman jailed for drug trafficking

Posted 02:01 PM, 30 Jan, 2020