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Russia stiffens penalty for surrender, replaces top general

Posted 09:15 PM, 24 Sep, 2022

National Guards take part in a training at Mezaine military training ground in ...

Posted 04:35 PM, 24 Sep, 2022

Biden vows 'swift and severe' costs if Russia annexes Ukraine regions

Posted 09:35 AM, 24 Sep, 2022

Pressure on Putin as reservists called up for war

Posted 12:53 PM, 22 Sep, 2022

Putin calls up reservists, US takes his threats 'seriously'

Posted 08:48 PM, 21 Sep, 2022

New UK PM veers away from Biden's economic script at UN

Posted 02:26 PM, 21 Sep, 2022

Tears of relief as Ukraine frontline families reunite

Posted 06:13 PM, 19 Sep, 2022

'Don't. Don't': Biden to Putin on nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Posted 06:48 PM, 17 Sep, 2022

EU 'deeply shocked' at Ukraine mass graves: Borrell

Posted 11:10 PM, 16 Sep, 2022

Ukraine finds graves and 'torture centres' in recaptured east

Posted 09:42 PM, 16 Sep, 2022

Zelensky says Ukraine wants to join EU single market

Posted 08:29 PM, 15 Sep, 2022

Houses flooded after Russian missiles hit major Ukraine dam

Posted 12:27 PM, 15 Sep, 2022

Ukraine recaptures more ground as Russia strikes back

Posted 08:59 AM, 13 Sep, 2022

Ukraine, Russia 'interested' in securing nuclear plant: IAEA

Posted 06:20 PM, 12 Sep, 2022

'A broken man': Russian sisters see father scarred by Ukraine fight

Posted 02:35 PM, 12 Sep, 2022

Ukraine reclaims swathes of territory as Russian troops fall back

Posted 09:13 AM, 12 Sep, 2022

Ukraine officials blame Russia for blackouts across east of country

Posted 11:46 PM, 11 Sep, 2022

Ukraine reclaims swathes of east in shock offensive to oust Russia

Posted 08:43 AM, 11 Sep, 2022

Kyiv claims 'astonishing' advances in east Ukraine

Posted 05:09 PM, 10 Sep, 2022

Russia reinforces Kharkiv to counter Ukraine push

Posted 11:40 PM, 9 Sep, 2022

Russians killed two Zaporizhzhia nuclear staff, abused others: Ukraine

Posted 09:49 PM, 9 Sep, 2022

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant staff abused by Russian forces: operator

Posted 08:34 PM, 9 Sep, 2022

US, allies meet in Germany on boosting Ukraine militarily

Posted 04:58 PM, 8 Sep, 2022

Pro-Moscow official in Ukraine seriously injured in car blast

Posted 04:46 PM, 7 Sep, 2022

President Biden rejects branding Russia 'state sponsor of terrorism'

Posted 09:20 AM, 7 Sep, 2022

On risky mission, UN team reaches Ukraine nuclear plant

Posted 06:20 PM, 1 Sep, 2022

'Time to stop playing with fire' round Ukraine nuclear plant: ICRC chief

Posted 05:43 PM, 1 Sep, 2022

UN team heads to Russia-held nuclear plant in Ukraine despite shelling

Posted 02:33 PM, 1 Sep, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 10:30 PM, 31 Aug, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 08:34 PM, 29 Aug, 2022

Fresh shelling at Ukraine power plant as operator warns of radiation risk

Posted 06:34 PM, 27 Aug, 2022

Ukraine nuclear plant back online as inspection prepared

Posted 11:52 AM, 27 Aug, 2022

US warns Moscow not to divert power from Ukraine nuclear plant

Posted 04:33 PM, 26 Aug, 2022

War in Ukraine: latest developments

Posted 08:19 PM, 25 Aug, 2022

Ukraine plans international court to put Putin on trial

Posted 03:51 PM, 25 Aug, 2022

EU mulls military training for Ukrainian forces: Borrell

Posted 07:43 PM, 22 Aug, 2022