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Actress Sonya Hussyn cries foul as Urwa Hocane still not paid her film cheque

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Saba Faisal’s daughter-in-law hints at separation from husband

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Actress Sadia Faisal celebrates Covid-free intimate birthday

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Ahsan Khan and Amar Khan set to star in ‘Qayamat’

Posted 12:15 PM, 11 Sep, 2020

Feroze Khan, Zara Noor to delight fans with Eid Telefilm ‘Dil Tera Hogeya’

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Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali’s Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat

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Kahin Deep Jalay Ep32: Shameela continues to create troubles for Rida 

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Anoushay Abbasi’s ‘Ghalti’ impresses everyone

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