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IHC set to hear plea for PM Imran disqualification

Posted 01:44 AM, 21 Dec, 2021

Illegal appointments case: Court defers indictment of Shaukat Aziz

Posted 01:56 PM, 6 Dec, 2021

10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:00 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Nasla Tower demolition: Call for bringing to book illegal construction mafia 

Posted 03:00 AM, 27 Nov, 2021

Imran Khan’s first term longer than that of Nawaz, Benazir and all ex-PMs

Posted 12:29 PM, 21 Nov, 2021

Only Shaukat Aziz can save Pakistan from economic maelstrom and IMF's clutches

Posted 03:34 AM, 16 Oct, 2021

The ‘nuclear’ life of AQ Khan

Posted 11:29 AM, 10 Oct, 2021

Maryam Nawaz files plea challenging her conviction in IHC

Posted 12:49 PM, 5 Oct, 2021

Shaukat Siddiqui writes to CJP; pleads for fixing his case for hearing

Posted 04:10 PM, 6 Aug, 2021

Siddiqui might retire before hearing of his case is fixed

Posted 10:56 AM, 22 Jun, 2021

Why do parties accept ‘strangers’ as finance ministers?

Posted 04:51 PM, 15 Jun, 2021

Govt eyes higher growth as it unveils Rs8,478 billion budget

Posted 11:10 AM, 11 Jun, 2021

IHC prayed to separately hear appeals of Sharif family

Posted 04:59 PM, 9 Jun, 2021

Justice Siddiqui being punished for speaking truth: Maryam

Posted 04:11 PM, 9 Jun, 2021

SC adjourns hearing of Shaukat Siddiqui case

Posted 05:00 PM, 2 Jun, 2021

Bilawal dubs PM Imran biggest ‘economic criminal’ of history

Posted 01:10 PM, 23 May, 2021

Sluggish accountability process to go against PTI in next elections

Posted 05:57 PM, 1 Apr, 2021

Justice Qazi Isa says not interested in staying on SC bench

Posted 03:37 PM, 17 Mar, 2021

The politics of Jahangir Tareen and Ahmed Mehmood

Posted 06:35 PM, 25 Feb, 2021

Court acquits seven convicts in ex-PM Shaukat Aziz attack case

Posted 02:19 PM, 16 Dec, 2020

Former PM Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali laid to rest

Posted 05:44 PM, 3 Dec, 2020

Renowned Gilgit religious scholar, poet Ghulam Uddin Hunzai passes away

Posted 10:56 AM, 8 Sep, 2020

Virus despair forces girls across Asia into child marriage

Posted 11:23 AM, 1 Sep, 2020

Ill-advised reference, hope-shattering verdict

Posted 04:06 PM, 20 Jun, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine should be available to everyone 'free of charge'

Posted 10:49 PM, 14 May, 2020

Bilawal’s “selected” title for Nawaz may hurt party’s ties with PML-N

Posted 04:19 PM, 23 Feb, 2020