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Meesha witness admits misreporting against Ali Zafar’s film

Posted 12:35 PM, 27 Jul, 2021

Britney Spears files to replace her father as guardian

Posted 12:20 PM, 27 Jul, 2021

Qamar Saleem releases a teaser for his new song ‘Sohna’

Posted 03:41 PM, 26 Jul, 2021

Combination of Aima Baig’s sleeveless arm and Imam Zamin resting on top has ...

Posted 11:28 AM, 25 Jul, 2021

Netizens label Shahbaz Shigri ‘unlucky’ for leaving ‘gorgeous’ Aisha ...

Posted 02:39 PM, 24 Jul, 2021

Farhan Saeed, Aima Baig’s new song ‘Na Cher Malangaan Nu’ is spectacular!

Posted 11:56 AM, 24 Jul, 2021

Aima Baig, Shahbaz Shigri are finally ENGAGED!

Posted 11:14 AM, 24 Jul, 2021

Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain blessed with a baby boy

Posted 03:19 PM, 23 Jul, 2021

Britain hits five individuals with anti-graft sanctions

Posted 01:23 PM, 23 Jul, 2021

Singer Momina and actress Nimra Khan put their vocals to test

Posted 05:52 PM, 21 Jul, 2021

Atif Aslam states ‘Music has helped me find God’ while netizens don’t ...

Posted 03:52 PM, 20 Jul, 2021

Is the purple-haired Ali Zafar introducing K-Pop in Pakistan?

Posted 12:30 PM, 20 Jul, 2021

Netizens explode at Sarah Khan, Falak Shabir’s never-ending romance 

Posted 03:41 PM, 18 Jul, 2021

Priyanka Chopra celebrates 39th birthday with friends in London

Posted 12:03 PM, 18 Jul, 2021

Did not eat for three days after failing in first love, reveals Atif Aslam

Posted 08:42 PM, 16 Jul, 2021

Sarah Khan, Falak Shabir to mark first wedding anniversary with music video ...

Posted 12:56 PM, 16 Jul, 2021

Mathira feels it’s better to sit at home than go to award show

Posted 12:20 PM, 16 Jul, 2021

Court summons lawyers of Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar for arguments on August 8

Posted 09:32 PM, 15 Jul, 2021

Britney Spears wins right to new lawyer in battle to remove dad

Posted 10:38 AM, 15 Jul, 2021

Pop star Olivia Rodrigo pushes Biden's youth vaccination drive

Posted 12:01 AM, 15 Jul, 2021

Lucky wife Sarah Khan gets a gold pendant as birthday gift

Posted 02:40 PM, 14 Jul, 2021

Britney Spears legal battle heads back to Los Angeles court

Posted 01:11 PM, 14 Jul, 2021

Atif Aslam, Sajal Aly’s ‘Rafta Rafta’ first poster revealed 

Posted 03:26 PM, 9 Jul, 2021

This is women's moment in film, Jodie Foster tells Cannes

Posted 11:14 PM, 7 Jul, 2021

The Legend of Dilip Kumar

Posted 06:22 PM, 7 Jul, 2021

Mature advices from Seemi Raheel for celebrities 

Posted 02:04 PM, 6 Jul, 2021

Bushra Ansari urges trolls to stop hurting people 

Posted 04:25 PM, 5 Jul, 2021

Here is Aima Baig, fiance Shahbaz Shigri's wedding date 

Posted 03:01 PM, 5 Jul, 2021

Mahira Khan, Bushra Ansari have got some wild dance moves!

Posted 11:29 AM, 4 Jul, 2021

Ayeza Khan channels Madam Noor Jehan in latest pictures

Posted 07:27 PM, 3 Jul, 2021

Alizeh Shah finally comes clean about every rumour 

Posted 12:30 PM, 2 Jul, 2021

Britney Spears' father to stay on as guardian, US court rules

Posted 05:55 PM, 1 Jul, 2021

Singer The Weeknd to co-write, produce and star in HBO show

Posted 09:26 AM, 1 Jul, 2021

15 killed in suspected revenge attacks in Haiti

Posted 09:05 AM, 1 Jul, 2021

President Xi hails 'irreversible' rise of China

Posted 08:41 AM, 1 Jul, 2021

Atif Aslam’s latest song ‘Dil Jalane Ki Baat’ is awesome

Posted 03:33 PM, 29 Jun, 2021