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Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik part ways after Zayn's alleged fight with Hadid's mom

Posted 10:34 PM, 29 Oct, 2021

World leaders scramble to limit 'Pandora Papers' damage

Posted 07:15 PM, 4 Oct, 2021

Pandora Papers 'unmask' Shakira, Tendulkar and Claudia Schiffer

Posted 01:08 AM, 4 Oct, 2021

Who will be the next James Bond 007?

Posted 10:19 AM, 28 Sep, 2021

Catwalk is back: Live shows return to Paris Fashion Week

Posted 05:45 PM, 27 Sep, 2021

Ex-model Evangelista seeks $50mn over beauty procedure gone wrong

Posted 11:42 PM, 24 Sep, 2021

Supermodel Halima Aden reinvents modest fashion

Posted 12:41 PM, 19 Sep, 2021

Netizens grind Nadia Hussain for getting vocal about gay men’s rights

Posted 03:20 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Model Gigi Hadid dominates New York fashion show

Posted 04:07 PM, 11 Sep, 2021

Nadia Hussain DISPLEASED with Abrar-ul-Haq on his perception of ‘proper ...

Posted 12:54 PM, 30 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain claims Humayun, Mehwish, Hania underwent lip fillers surgery

Posted 03:36 PM, 27 Aug, 2021

Nadia Hussain to her husband: “I love you but won’t cook for you”

Posted 11:34 AM, 25 Aug, 2021

Supermodel terms her video of harsh talks with maid as baseless

Posted 09:18 PM, 14 Jul, 2021

Model Nadia Hussain shouts brutally at woman servant

Posted 12:36 PM, 1 Jul, 2021

Actress Iman Ali refuses to work with top writer Khalil-ur-Rehman

Posted 04:17 PM, 13 Jun, 2021

Mathira says Iman Ali needs mental help

Posted 04:28 PM, 11 Jun, 2021

Ugly war of words between beauticians Nadia Hussain, Nabila Maqsood

Posted 12:21 PM, 26 May, 2021

Naomi Campbell, 50, welcomes her first child

Posted 09:00 PM, 18 May, 2021

Supermodel Nadia Hussain urges women to get plastic surgery

Posted 04:52 PM, 30 Apr, 2021

Yemeni rebels throw abducted model Al-Hammadi into solitary confinement

Posted 04:17 PM, 23 Apr, 2021

Sunita Marshall, Hassan Ahmad say their children are Muslim

Posted 02:29 PM, 19 Mar, 2021

Italy's Sanremo festival: Singing, scandals and Zlatan

Posted 12:36 PM, 2 Mar, 2021

French court convicts ex-president Sarkozy on corruption charges

Posted 07:00 PM, 1 Mar, 2021

Model Kate Upton wants a good workout everyday

Posted 03:18 PM, 30 Jan, 2021

Iman Ali and Farhan Saeed write a story in their photoshoot

Posted 03:31 PM, 17 Jan, 2021

Cute pictures from mayoun of supermodel Javeriya Hanif

Posted 03:23 PM, 24 Dec, 2020

Gigi Hadid's first picture with daughter takes internet by storm

Posted 04:57 PM, 23 Nov, 2020

Gigi Hadid pens emotional letter to fans after birth of baby daughter

Posted 03:13 PM, 29 Oct, 2020

Aamina Haq gives befitting reply to Amna Ilyas' body-shaming comments

Posted 02:57 PM, 14 Oct, 2020

Elite Models ex-boss probed for alleged child rape in France

Posted 09:30 PM, 28 Sep, 2020

Supermodel Kate Upton crushes a glute-smashing workout

Posted 11:25 AM, 27 Sep, 2020

Model Zainab seeks action against fake accounts maligning Ali Zafar’s name

Posted 10:46 PM, 23 Sep, 2020

Latif Khosa will no more defend model Ayyan Ali

Posted 04:18 PM, 8 Sep, 2020

Supermodel Iman Ali’s dance video goes viral on social media

Posted 04:43 PM, 21 Aug, 2020

Fans line up to wish happy birthday to Ayyan Ali

Posted 10:24 AM, 31 Jul, 2020

Ayyan Ali set to release new album titled ‘Nothing like Everything’

Posted 11:39 AM, 25 Jul, 2020