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Libya court reinstates Kadhafi's son as presidential candidate: media

Posted 12:02 AM, 3 Dec, 2021

Meghan Markle urges tabloid shake-up after second privacy win

Posted 07:12 PM, 2 Dec, 2021

WTA suspends all tournaments in China over Peng Shuai concerns

Posted 10:21 AM, 2 Dec, 2021

Ruling party concedes, leftist poised to become Honduras's first woman president

Posted 09:47 PM, 1 Dec, 2021

US plans tougher testing, quarantine requirements for travelers

Posted 08:51 PM, 1 Dec, 2021

Hareem Shah again in trouble in Turkey

Posted 08:38 PM, 1 Dec, 2021

Nida Yasir finds Hira Mani 'haseen' inside out 

Posted 01:10 PM, 1 Dec, 2021

PM asks minsters not to travel abroad

Posted 10:19 PM, 30 Nov, 2021

Duterte's chosen successor exits Philippines presidential race

Posted 09:54 AM, 30 Nov, 2021

Stolen gods: Nepal seeks to bring home lost treasures

Posted 09:51 AM, 30 Nov, 2021

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey quits company

Posted 09:15 AM, 30 Nov, 2021

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder who cut off Trump's megaphone

Posted 10:25 PM, 29 Nov, 2021

Alizeh Shah's fan threatens to eat detergent if the actress wouldn't marry him 

Posted 02:03 PM, 29 Nov, 2021

Nawaz Sharif, ex-CJP Nisar to taste justice system they left behind

Posted 12:40 PM, 29 Nov, 2021

Controversy clouds Ashes before a ball is even bowled

Posted 11:35 AM, 29 Nov, 2021

UK readies new Covid rules as third Omicron case emerges

Posted 12:50 AM, 29 Nov, 2021

Problems multiply; QAU VC seeks exit year before his tenure

Posted 07:18 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel migration talks

Posted 11:03 AM, 28 Nov, 2021

UK toughens Covid rules as new strain arrives

Posted 12:56 AM, 28 Nov, 2021

WTA still 'deeply concerned' over tennis star Peng Shuai

Posted 06:10 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Outrage as Indian court reduces child sex abuse sentence

Posted 09:24 AM, 27 Nov, 2021

Differences prevent holding of opposition’s steering committee meeting

Posted 03:14 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Government under fire for failure to fix public problems

Posted 05:23 AM, 26 Nov, 2021

Stars say it’s a good day for Libra folks to become social butterfly

Posted 12:11 AM, 26 Nov, 2021

10:00pm Headlines on 24Digital

Posted 10:00 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

More rioting in Solomons as PM faces resignation call

Posted 10:06 AM, 25 Nov, 2021

Time is not on your side Mr. Prime Minister!

Posted 06:31 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

China, Russia furious over Biden democracy summit snubs

Posted 06:02 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Olaf Scholz: Germany's slow but steady next chancellor

Posted 05:47 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Iqra Aziz gets PECULIAR birthday wish from husband Yasir 

Posted 03:26 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Alizeh Shah's casual video session on the roof delights fan community 

Posted 11:04 AM, 24 Nov, 2021

Apple sues Israeli spyware maker for targeting its users

Posted 11:53 PM, 23 Nov, 2021

Top Kashmiri human rights activist arrested in Srinagar by Indian govt

Posted 07:52 AM, 23 Nov, 2021

Crescent MOON lights up 'sultry' Mehwish Hayat 

Posted 03:27 PM, 22 Nov, 2021

Dharmendra enjoys quality time in Himachal along son

Posted 05:52 PM, 21 Nov, 2021

Navjot Singh Sidhu targeted by BJP for calling Imran Khan his ‘Bara Bhai’

Posted 11:06 AM, 21 Nov, 2021