Furqan Qureshi flirts with Anoushay Abbasi: 'Din ba din piece hoti jaa rahi hain aap'

By: News Desk      Published: 11:33 AM, 1 May, 2021
Furqan Qureshi and Anoushay Abbasi
Furqan Qureshi and Anoushay Abbasi

Pakistani model and actor Furqan Qureshi who is always cast in ‘supportive roles’ attempts to publicly flirt with his co-star Anoushay Abbasi.

Furqan and Anoushay can be seen portraying their casted roles in an on-air mega hit serial known as ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’.

Raqs-e-Bismil is receiving massive appreciation for its unique script and has garnered a colossal amount of views on each episode. 

Anoushay shared an Instagram post in which she looks super adorable donning a casual outfit with blue jeans.

The attention-grabbing element of the picture is definitely how she carries her hair, her curls look ethereal and this also caused Anoushay to caption her picture: “Curl Power”.

Pakistani actor 32-year-old Furqan Qureshi was seemingly blown away by Anoushay’s cuteness and decided to leave an excessively ‘out-there comment.

It went like this: “Din ba din piece hoti jaa rahi hai app”.

This translates to: “Every passing day you turning into a babe (alluring/attractive)”

It seems Furqan was so enchanted by Anoushay’s get-up that he just could not resist the slip of tongue.

He just had to leave a very ‘appalling’ comment. Maybe to grab Anoushay’s full attention? 

However, it seems Furqan certainly succeeded because Anoushay was absolutely delighted with his bluntness and left along ‘ha ha hahaha to make the actor know that his comment is very much appreciated and indeed Anoushay also feels that she is turning in to a ‘piece’.

Here is Anoushay’s picture for you in which she looks no less than a ‘piece’:


The netizens however found Furqan’s comment unacceptable and excessively bold.

Social media users went as far as to say that if it wouldn’t have been Furqan and some unknown person chose to comment on this phrase, the phrase would be labeled as the epitome of ‘harassment’. 

Netizens have now garnered a new nickname for Furqan which is ‘chichora’ (cheap).

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