HSY takes up Feroze Khan’s passion for justice

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 11:40 AM, 1 Oct, 2020
HSY takes up Feroze Khan’s passion for justice

Considering the recent crimes against women and children in the country, it is vital for celebrities to use their voice for the greater good. Post the highway incident, we have seen an increase in rape cases nationwide. Voicing their concerns about these matters while discussing a solution, HSY invited ‘Ishqiya’ actor Feroze Khan on LIVE with HSY.

In the most recent session of the LIVE series, the two stars discussed the importance of speaking up in the face of injustice, Feroze Khan’s personal experience with a harasser, and his initiative to combat harassment.

Right off the bat, HSY started with the question we all wanted the answer to, regarding Feroze Khan’s recent activity on social media and his posts which address multiple pressing matters in Pakistan right now.

When asked where this sudden passion for justice came from, Khan responded by stating that he has always been a passionate person therefore he chooses to be vocal about things that matter to him.

Although he was initially discouraged to voice his concerns, he felt that some things were too important not to speak up about.

Feroze Khan expressed to HSY that ever since he was blessed with a baby boy, he feels a certain amount of responsibility towards society, continuing to voice that he's willing to be vocal about any topic which is beneficial to society as a whole.

Proceeding in the LIVE session, HSY mentions that he has been noticing this positive change in Feroze Khan for quite some time now and has seen the actor become more vocal about social issues, mainly his battle to end harassment.

He went on to ask Khan what inspired him to take action against harassers and whether the motorway incident further jolted his need to stand up for this cause.

The actor responded by stating that he personally had very close contact with harassment, telling HSY of an incident where someone had been messaging his friends in the media fraternity pretending to be him. Khan further disclosed that when he heard this alarming news, he proceeded to call ‘Rangers Special Task Cell’, who found the person within 24 hours. Once the person was found, Khan discovered that the malefactor was a young kid who did not have an answer for why he was impersonating the star. In reflection of this event,

Khan went on to developing an organization titled, ‘Protect Them Now’.

When HSY asked Feroze Khan what projects his fans should most look forward to, Khan stated that his most important project right now is the organization, ‘Protect Them Now’.

He disclosed that the initiative will be very easy to use and if anyone feels that they are under threat of harassment, they could simply share their location, and law enforcement will be informed. Further discussing that the harasser will be put on the record for everyone to see.

Celebrated chat-show, LIVE with HSY has earned its prestige for having some of the most important discussions in the media right now. The series is uncut and unfiltered so A-listers can have an honest dialogue about social issues that need to be addressed. We can’t wait to check out the next guest on the hot seat on LIVE with HSY!