Malala advocates partnership, indeed adultery!

By: Kashif Mirza      Published: 11:36 PM, 2 Jul, 2021
Malala advocates partnership, indeed adultery!

The controversy over Malala’s views on marriage echoed in the mainstream national and international media, who, as usual, gave a very controversial statement over marriage, “I still don’t understand why people have to get married. If you want to have a person in your life, why do you have to sign marriage papers, why can’t it just be a partnership?” said Malala in her interview with British Vogue Magazine. Being a Muslim, how can one give such irrelevant and peripheral remarks on marriage? Nikaah, for Muslims, is primarily the completion of half of the Imaan. Living together with Na-mahrams, without marriage is an unacceptable sin and is called Zina. No one can justify Muslims living together without marriage as it is strongly condemned in Islam. Marriage is one of the most beautiful things which will happen to you in your lifetime. This beautiful sunnah was practised by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself, and strictly ordered by Allah (S.W.T) through the holy Quran as well.

Indeed Malala has categorically rejected the institution of marriage and advocated that 'partnership' is better than getting married. Malala attacked on the institution of marriage & family structure by advocating that people should live in sin. Socio-psychologically, marriage is a legitimate process of lending credence to progeny. Marriage is a Sunnah, whereas, the partnership is adultery. Marriage is designed to prevent this by introducing Mahr & alimony. The illegal life partnership was not allowed in any religion and is considered adultery, Malala favoured it, which was condemnable.

It’s not the first time when Malala questioned highly controversial, many times she did not show any respect for Islam and created a lot of controversies as part of her agenda. In Malala’s book, ‘I am Malala’, a highly controversial material is found which is contrary to the teachings of Islam, Quranic injunctions, sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Ideology of Islam, Ideology of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam, Pak Army and so on. The controversial British journalist Christina Lamb who wrote Malala's book as co-author has been declared persona non grata by Pakistan for her criminal activities. Christina Lamb once tried to book an air ticket under the name of Osama bin Laden just to malign Pakistan. This book is written on the behest of western forces who have used Malala for their ulterior motives and it is clear that Malala is playing in their hands.

Malala has declared Islam and Pak army as ‘Militant’ in her controversial book. Malala criticized Quranic verses about two women's testimony to be equal to that of a man, and also about the four witnesses in the Rape case; perhaps she does not know the orders of Allah. In her book, Malala also writes that "Where the Quran says that the women are dependent on men", the answer is that it is in Surat un Nisa that men are declared guardians of women. She objects to the laws of Allah Almighty and also on ‘Namus e Risaalat (SAW) law. In Malala’s book, the blasphemous book of Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” has been referred and supported to as freedom of expression while referring to her father’s views. A group photo with Tasleema Nasreen and strong ties with an Indian for Nobel Award are enough to explain Malala's designs and the West's Agenda.

A Swat-based woman former MNA and also a member of the royal family Mussarat Ahmed Zeb also exposed details of what she terms a concpiracy. She says: "The attack on Malala in 2012 was staged by top human rights organizations, and I was also asked to join the drama but I refused to be a part of it." She adds when the blog by Malala under the name "Gul Makai" was written, Malala could not read or write. "It is well noted that Malala's father Ziauddin admitted in a TV program that the said blog was written by BBC correspondent Abdul Hai Kakar and the book "I am Malala" was written by Christina Lamb." Malala and Ziauddin also met with the US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and CIA's station commander and other officials were present in this meeting. Relations with CIA agent Adam B Elick is also very clear.

Malala criticised the Pak army and said that "many times the army and the militants look alike." She further said, "I'm ashamed of my army." Criticizing Pak Army's development projects, she gives them the name of ‘Strange Business’. She also alleges that ISI helped Fazlullah escape. Malala also severely criticized Abbottabad Operation for recovery of Osama bin Ladin and tried to malign Pakistani security forces and agencies. Interestingly, Malala admitted in her book that she and her father received Rs 1.1 million from the Pak Army but even then Malala also defamed Pak Army and motherland by discussing the false and fake video scandal of a woman in Swat who was allegedly beaten by the Taliban, in her the book.

Further in her book Malala also proudly says, “On Pakistan's 50th anniversary on 14th August 1997, my father said there was nothing to celebrate as Swat had suffered only since it had merged with Pakistan. They wore black armbands to protest and were arrested and had to pay a fine they could not afford”. Moreover, the video in which Ziauddin can be seen raising anti-Pakistan slogans, which is clear proof. Malala and her father Ziauddin also criticized the nuclear programme of Pakistan and showed doubt on the defence capability of Pakistan armed forces by saying that “Pakistan has more than 200 nuclear warheads and US were worried about who was going to control them.”

Pakistan is a nuclear power-the only one in the Muslim world. Despite the global pressure, Pakistan has achieved nuclear power, so it is part of the campaign to incorporate Pakistan into a failed state. The Pakistani army is the 5th largest army in the world.  Pakistan is the 2nd Muslim and 6th largest nation in the world, with the strength of 250 million population. Pakistan is also 5th the largest democracy with the strength of about 100 million registered voters included 45 million registered women voters. In the War on Terror, Pakistan's martyrdom of more than 70000 Pakistanis citizens, military officers and youths during the war is clear proof of the sacrifices of the Pakistani nation. So far Pakistan has lost more than $ 82 billion in the economy. The West is questioning that 4.4 trillion dollars have become a safe place after spending on the so-called War on Terror? The answer is a big No!

In these circumstances, Malala’s comments were attempting to corrupt the minds of young people and to copy western culture which were against the tenets of Islam and also propagating negative ideas about the sacred rules of holy matrimony. We should be teaching our generation that nikkah is sunnah, and getting a nikkah done with the blessings of Allah is beautiful, and getting the future blessed in a halal way is wonderful. Marriage is a Sunnah, referring to the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that all Muslims are expected to emulate.

The writer is an economist, anchor, analyst and the President of All Pakistan Private Schools Federation. He can be reached at

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