Govt withdraws appeal against PML-N chief; Shehbaz not to follow contempt case

By: News Desk      Published: 11:48 AM, 2 Jun, 2021
Govt withdraws appeal against PML-N chief; Shehbaz not to follow contempt case
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The affairs between PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif and the government seemed to have settled down in open court as the government has withdrawn its appeal against the PML-N leader and Shehbaz on the other hand has also agreed not to pursue contempt of court case against the government, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard an appeal against the Lahore High Court decision regarding letting Shehbaz Sharif go abroad and removing his name from the blacklist during its May 7 ruling.

The LHC registrar presented the LHC record in the apex court in this regard. Apex court’s Justice Ijazul Hassan inquired whether the case of Shehbaz was fixed by the LHC according to the rules or it was heard in a special way. 

The LHC registrar replied that the petition was fixed for hearing objection. Then it was decided that the decision on objection would also be taken along with the case. The registrar said that his office put an objection on the petition on Friday at 9:30am and the petition was heard at 11:30am the same day. 

On the inquiry of Justice Ijaz regarding the expediency shown by the high court, Shehbaz’s counsel said that it was Friday and last day of the week, that’s why the case was heard in an emergency.  

Justice Ijaz remarked that the court gave its judgment without giving notice to the government.

PML-N leader’s counsel Azam Nazeer Tarar said that the high court had heard the deputy attorney general and the deputy AG took instruction on phone. He said the name of his defendant was not in the Exit Control List but still he was stopped at the airport. He lamented that the ‘government brigade’ made speeches on TV. 

Justice Ijaz wondered the government lawyer was given only 30 minutes to take instructions. He asked how many cases had been fixed for hearing at 12 noon on Fridays in a year? He asked in how many cases one-sided relief was provided by the courts? 

The judge showed his bewilderment on the fact that it did not occur to the high court to ask the petitioner in which list his name did exist? 

Justice Ijaz asked if it was a right thing that a court could issue such kind of provisional order as was issued by the Lahore High Court. 

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah remarked that the manner in which Shehbaz was granted an expedient relief, it should not become an example for other persons. He asked how people’s movement who were involved in criminal cases could be restricted? He said the government argument was heard in the high court. 

The attorney general told the Supreme Court that the high court had transferred the judge who was conducting Shehbaz’s trial. 

On this, Shehbaz’s counsel asked what was the hitch in appointing a new judge? 

The AG said it takes three to four months to appoint a new judge. He said may be Shehbaz did not want that his case would be decided soon. He said the government had its reservations over the way the judge was removed before the completion of his term. 

The LHC registrar told the court that names for the appointment of new judges had been sent to the authorities.

Justice Sajjad inquired if the government had objection over the names? The AG said he did not have any knowledge regarding this. 

In the meantime, the apex court was informed that the government intended to withdraw its appeal

The court after the government’s decision, disposed of the case. 

Shehbaz’s counsel also informed that Shehbaz would not pursue his contempt of court appeal against the government. 

A two-member bench headed by Justice Ijazul Hassan heard the petition.

The SC also ordered the government to immediately fulfil vacant posts in accountability courts. 

Reporter Amanat Gishkori