Hareem Shah's latest couple videos captured with supremely BOLD narrative

By: News Desk      Published: 11:24 AM, 3 Dec, 2021
Hareem Shah's latest couple videos captured with supremely BOLD narrative

Seems like TikToker Hareem Shah is in the mood to generate views with putting forward frightfully bold content because what is better than uploading something shocking in order to capture attention?

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In the latest updates posted by Hareem Shah, she is seen with the man who the TikToker chooses to call her 'baby' and 'king' whereas hasn't clarified if he is the 'husband' she made an announcement about some time back.

Choosing the most intimate yet questionable music playlist, Hareem has uploaded a set of videos with the man known as Bilal Shah during which the couple can be seen indulging in various dubious actions which might not be the right content in order to 'influence' Hareem's massive fan following.

Donning winter wear, in one of the videos the couple is spotted grooving to an Indian song known as 'Tum Hi Ho' while Hareem sits in close proximity to her lover trying to tease him by indulging in intimate gestures.

In another update, Hareem and Bilal are spotted making most use of their time together by taking up their favourite hobby, yes that's right: Sheesha. 

As Hareem captures the content for her social media handles, Bilal makes sure to support her fully by flashing cheeky grins and patience for Hareem's internet needs and he sits peacefully while Hareem gets done with generating 'views-worthy' videos.

However, one thing should be given recognition here: Hareem Shah might be one of the most acknowledged TikTok personalities of Pakistan therefore she has the responsibility to post videos/pictures on her platforms which would give off the right kind of impression and message therefore Hareem's latest BOLD content choices might not be such a great idea, no? 

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