Media houses being told to dub PDM meeting as a flop show: Maryam

By: News Desk      Published: 08:05 PM, 13 Dec, 2020
Media houses being told to dub PDM meeting as a flop show: Maryam

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz said on Sunday that unknown people were making phone calls to media houses, telling them to dub the Lahore public meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as a flop show. 

Addressing the anti-government gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan under the banner of the PDM, Maryam said that PML-N patron Nawaz Sharif would not grant Prime Minister Imran Khan mercy because the latter stole PML-N’s mandate and prosperity of people. She said that generals helped Imran Khan hold power shows in Lahore and other parts of the country and then judges ousted Nawaz Sharif to facilitate Imran Khan to rise to power. She said that Imran Khan was too incompetent to run the affairs of the country and now his “selectors” were being held answerable for his failures. 

Maryam said that Covid-18, a reference to Imran Khan who rose to power as a result of his party’s victor in the 2018 general elections, was more fatal than Covid-19. She said that wheat, flour, gas, media freedom, jobs and medicines “quarantined” themselves after “Covid-18” came into power. She said the youth and government employees were now well aware of Imran Khan’s lies as they did not get jobs or annual increments, respectively. She said that Imran Khan withdrew scholarships for students and increased the prices of medicines by 600 percent. 

Maryam said Imran Khan promised that he would not seek foreign loans and then he set new records of foreign loans. She dared Imran Khan to lodge a corruption case against the general who was recently accused of amassing assets beyond means. She said the Supreme Court asked Imran Khan to show where he has planted one billion trees. She said that people of Pakistan hold Imran accountable for every stolen penny of this country. She said Imran Khan promised that he would rid the police force of the political influence, but he failed to improve the police department. She said that Imran Khan was now frequently changing police officers in order to make the force work. 

The PML-N vice president asked the participants at the public meeting to tell if any of the demands made by Nawaz Sharif were unconstitutional. She said people should tell if Nawaz Sharif’s demands for a free media and independent judiciary are unconstitutional. 

Maryam said that “obedient” Imran Khan would have to go because he told lies, deceived people, made Pakistan a butt of joke in the entire world, deprived millions of people of their jobs, destroyed the country, destroyed businesses, destroyed the businessmen and destroyed the economy. 

She said that doctors, nurses, traders and teachers are protesting on the roads today. She said that people of Lahore have thrown Imran Khan’s slogan of fake change from the top of Minar-e-Pakistan to the ground and buried it under the ground.