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Published: 10:01 PM, 13 Jan, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak left the PTI parliamentary party’s meeting following an altercation with Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar on the severe gas crisis in the country; Khattak did not spare Prime Minister Imran Khan either whom he also severely criticized; We, the people of KP got you elected as the country’s prime minister; Says it is sad that there is an extreme gas shortage in the province; We also produce electricity and still, we are deprived of these resources

♦ PM Imran hits back at Pervez Khattak and says if his own members continued to blackmail him in this way he would have no other option but to invite the opposition to form the government; Says he does not own any businesses or factories and was daily in contact with the IMF to reduce the taxes

♦ Pervaiz Khattak took a U-turn from his stance and says he left the meeting to smoke a cigarette; Says he talked only on the gas issue and his question was regarding gas schemes initiated in the KP and was asking that they should keep functioning; Says he was neither against the Prime Minister and he even cannot think about going against the Prime Minister

♦ Are close associates leaving you; Prime Minister's remained silent on the journalist's question; Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry posed the question for journalist which colleague; In response, government ministers started smiling

♦ Another disgruntled PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan addressed the prime minister like Pervez Khattak; Says if we vote for you in the next elections, will we be given gas and electricity in return; Noor Khan asked the premier whether with the proposed finance bill Pakistan is going access to America to the military accounts; He questioned whether India or other countries give access to outsiders to their military accounts

♦ Ch Salik Hussain dropped a verse of Allama Iqbal for PM Imran Khan; Senior Journalist Hamid Mir responded; Says “Wow Chaudhry Sahib Wow”; Says how well you reminded Imran Khan of the poetry of Allama Iqbal

♦ PM Imran was welcomed by loud sloganeering from the opposition benches as treasury lawmakers thumped their desks to drown them out; The amendments proposed by the opposition to the Supplementary Finance Bill were rejected by 18 votes in the National Assembly

♦ Dr Aamir Liaquat further says those who are responsible for bringing a government to power, also can topple it; Says we can be taken even before five years

♦ PML-N and PPP stages protest outside Parliament House; Attempt of workers to enter Parliament House; Police cordoned off the main gate with barbed wire

♦ Every method should be tried to send the government home, Maryam Nawaz suggests the opposition; Says the incompetence of the government is in front of the world; Says In Murree people died due to government indifference

♦ Islamabad High Court held NDMA responsible for Murree blizzard; Everyone including the chairman should bow their heads in shame; Every member of the commission is responsible for this incident; If you had children, what would you do, who would you blame, remarks CJP; The Prime Minister has been directed to convene a meeting of the NDMA next week

♦ NEPRA has increased the price of electricity by Rs4.30 per unit; Heavy bills will come in winter despite low power usage; Electricity prices were raised in the wake of the November fuel adjustment; Additional charges will be made in January bills

♦ The government is ready to spray oil on the fire of inflation; For the first time in Pakistan, petrol is expected to be Rs150 per litre; Petroleum prices are likely to go up to Rs6 per litre from January 16; Petrol and diesel could go up to Rs6 per litre

♦ Diabetes drugs are up to 43 percent more expensive; The price has gone up from Rs326 to Rs466; The door of free treatment for the poor has also been closed; Fees of Ultrasound, X-ray have been fixed at Services Hospital Lahore

♦ The government is not doing what it should be doing; Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed addressed the function; Says that people are facing difficult situations and issues

♦ Decision to form board on Nawaz Sharif's medical reports; The Board will review the 8 medical reports submitted to the High Court; Will give an expert opinion on Nawaz Sharif's public activities and reports; 24NewsHD TV obtained a copy of the letter written to the Attorney General's Home Secretary Punjab

♦ Fault in PTCL's International Submarine Cable; Internet Speed Affected in the Country

♦ Coronavirus became dangerous; The rate of positive cases in the country exceeded 6 percent. During 24 hours, 3,019 new cases were reported; 5 people succumbed to the virus; The rate reached 20 percent in Karachi and 10 percent in Lahore; In Rawalpindi, the rate of positivity of Covid-19 cases reached 7 percent

♦ Hareem Shah in trouble; FIA wrote a letter to British National Crime Agency; Recommendation of inquiry against Tik-Toker; Attempt to avoid legal arrest of Hareem Shah; Uploaded an explanatory video; In which a person said that this money does not belong to Hareem.

♦ Nazim Jokhio murder case; five accused escape from court on bail revocation; Police fail to arrest fugitive 5 accused; During the hearing, the court in its order said that the case falls under the category of terrorism; The Model Court does not have the power to hear terrorism cases

♦ The Chief Minister of the Indian state of Assam has crossed all the boundaries of Islamophobia; Himanta Sarma threatens to erase the names of historical and current Muslim personalities; says there is no place for Aurangzeb, Babar and Owaisi here

♦ American democracy is in danger; 58 percent of Americans fear; 76 perecnt of citizens say the United States is more at risk of political instability than its external enemy; 53 percent think that political divisions will get worse with time

♦ In Mexico, criminal gangs began using drones to attack opponents; In Michoacan, drug dealers dropped drones on the hideout of an anti-gang.

♦ Real Madrid's success in the Spanish Super Cup continues; Defeated Barcelona by 3-2 in a thrilling contest; In the FL Cup, Chelsea reached the final after defeating Tottenham Hotspur

♦ Aima Baig also came on the radar of FBR; FBR issues notice for confiscation of Aima Baig's vehicles; Mesha Shafi's bailable arrest warrant issued in a cybercrime case

♦ Hollywood Animated Series “Big Nate” will go on air on February 17

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