Beginner’s Melody

Published: 02:18 PM, 13 Sep, 2021
Beginner’s Melody
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It is often difficult for an individual, as a beginner, to make their own space in a particular practical field. Especially in a society like ours where people around are more inclined towards arranging problems in your pathway, than being a source of direction and empathy. This is a default attitude of the most in our culture. More interestingly, no matter how hard you work, or how intelligent you are in a particular field, the majority around will try their best to make you believe that you’re nothing but a fool, for they would never want a newcomer to surpass them in any way. This complex that resides in most of the seniors of any particular field has led to the damage, whether moral or psychological, to the ones who started with their careers to achieve something big in future. So how a beginner or an amateur may deal with such a pessimistic approach of society towards his approach? Here are a few tips that I gathered through my experience, observation and reading Self-Help material.

Optimism is one of the key elements to deal with it. No doubt, it’s quite hurtful when somebody who is your senior tries to make you feel ignorant. Although you know that you aren’t wrong and the point where you and your senior differ, is where you are right but the hierarchy and the seniority of the other does not allow you to argue. The truth is that, no matter how remarkable your work is, there is always some room for improvement. A human’s work can never be perfect, but it can definitely reach the level of excellence, if somebody points out the niches that are definitely present in your work, but your eyes can’t see it. Such seniors, who criticize your work or never let you exceed a certain limit, actually could be considered as a source of improvement. However, all we need is some optimistic approach.

A beginner must always consider themselves open to new ideas and critics. One of the major advantages of being a beginner is that you have enough space to take risks and make mistakes. You have started from square one. You might be told to do small things. It could be something with no reward in return. But at such point in life, one must grip hard over tolerance and patience. You might find a lot of things useless. However, one must never forget that, “much that is great starts small, ignorant and useless” as said by Jordan Peterson. Today’s beginners are tomorrow’s masters. Even the ones who are most accomplished today, have to keep filling the niches in order to strive for competence. Accomplishing a particular designation is one thing, but earning the consistency and maintaining the accomplished stature is much greater success. One has to strive for the competence throughout their life. But what is mandatory for it is self-control, discipline and a constant gain of knowledge.

Most of the beginners see the small things that they are made to do, through the lens of cynicism and resentment which constantly arouses a feeling of being at nothing but the most bottom of hierarchy. Instead of being cynical about the place you have occupied, one must accept the position offered and work hard in order to transcend. The world yearns for skills, or I must say – well sharped skills. Once you groom yourself enough, you are ready to sell your attribute at a higher price. And most importantly, trust the Almighty. The Almighty who has adored you far more than you deserved, who has shown you the path to attain this position, would he not take care of yours in future? Surely, he’ll.

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