Surprising success of Taliban in Afghanistan

By: News Desk      Published: 11:59 PM, 15 Aug, 2021
Surprising success of Taliban in Afghanistan

Senior journalists and political analysts said the Taliban's peaceful entry into Kabul has surprised the world.

During 24NewsHD programme – DNA –noted figures, Salim Bokhari, PJ Mir, Iftikhar Ahmed and Javed Iqbal, said the United States was also surprised at their speedy and peaceful entry into the Afghan capital.

The panel said many world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, thought the Taliban would not be able to takeover Kabul so quickly. They said the Taliban had also overthrew Afghan President Ashraf Ghani by disarming his 'trained' forces.

The panel agreed that the Taliban could be acceptable to the Afghan people and the world if they followed human rights, women's rights and avoided imposing unnecessary sanctions. Otherwise, peace in Afghanistan would be just a dream, they said.

Salim Bokhari said a method was already agreed upon in the Doha dialogues on how to co-opt the Taliban in the Afghan government to keep peace in the country.

He said the Taliban negotiated with China, Turkey, Iran and the United States and tried to present their good soft image in the world.

Salim Bokhari expressed satisfaction that India had lost in Afghanistan after the occupation of Taliban and the Indian consulates in Kandahar and Kunar, which were being used for terrorism, supply of firearms and espionage against Pakistan, have been dismantled.

He said the government of Pakistan and the armed forces have fenced the Pak-Afghan border that will make it difficult for Afghan refugees to enter Pakistan.

Mir said that as fast as the Taliban were advancing, it was certain that they would definitely enter in Kabul, but, the speed with which they completed their operations without any resistance was astonishing.

Iftikhar criticised President Ashraf Ghani for fleeing to Tajikistan in a scary move and left a committee to deal with the state affairs.

About the Afghan forces' reluctance to resist, he said Ashraf Ghani, instead of strengthening the local army, distributed $46 trillion among the warlords and formed a parallel militia that was his failure.

He said these warlords betrayed Ashraf Ghani and surrendered to the Taliban. Javed said the Taliban strategically captured the border territories of Afghanistan first and then entered Kabul.

He said the Taliban after capturing border territories, guaranteed Afghan people about the safety of their lives and properties.