Alizeh Shah's injured head in latest picture has made fans disturbed 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:14 AM, 15 Jan, 2022
Alizeh Shah's injured head in latest picture has made fans disturbed 

Actress Alizeh Shah's latest snap has made social media users express emotions of extreme concern and worry. 

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The controversial queen of Pakistan, Alizeh has taken to her Instagram handle and posted a glimpse of herself revising her project script while she is fully geared up in her role ensemble sitting on a sofa.

The actress can be seen posing for a click as she sits on a sofa holding a cup of tea in her hand, while the script for her latest project rests on her lap. 

Even though Alizeh looks completely fine, the fan community has arrived at the comment section to express concern over the fact that there is a bandage spotted on Alizeh's forehead in the snap she has posted on her Instagram handle.

Sometimes, the netizen community can become so oblivious to certain obvious factors that it can become shocking. It could totally be possible that the mini bandage found on Alizeh's forehead could be part of a drama scene she has been seen revising the script for.

In the comment section, social media users are making sure to point out the fact that Alizeh's head is injured and many are expressing worry by stating: "Yeh chot kaise lagi.", "Mathe par kya hua."

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