Actor Fahad Sheikh tackles his role effortlessly in ‘Jalan’

By: News Desk      Published: 02:32 PM, 15 Jul, 2020
Actor Fahad Sheikh tackles his role effortlessly in ‘Jalan’

Fahad Sheikh is without a doubt an actor who is in a league of his own. He has always picked roles that challenge him, scare him, and excite him as compared to other television stars who choose to remain in their comfort zone. Unlike them, Fahad didn’t step into the industry with that mindset. He is leaving behind a body of work that inspires and motivates young and upcoming talent.

These days the actor is seen in drama serial ‘Jalan’. With only four episodes being aired, the drama has managed to grab a good viewership, despite the fact that it started with a negative buzz on social media. The reason for negative reviews prior to its airing was because Jalan is based on sensitive and crucial issues of our society: A younger sister’s hate, greed and jealousy for her elder sister.

The drama serial story revolves around the relationship of young newly engaged couple Ahmer and Nisha. Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer and Minal Khan as Nisha.

Ahmer is toes deep in love with Nisha but as the story unfolds we get to know that Nisha is just after money and materialistic wealth. Instead of valuing the true wealth i.e, love, affection and sincerity, she happens to be blinded with greed to such an extent that she falls for her brother in law because all she sees is his wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

Eventually, clashes start between Nisha and Ahmed. Ahmer is badly hurt by Nisha’s blunt behaviour every now and then. With all this happening, Jalan’s 4th episode airs with a surprising twist. Nisha approaches her brother in law Asfand (Emmad Irfani) who she idealizes and asks him to talk to her dad and stop her marriage with Ahmer.

Ahmer, on the other hand, is all worried about her because Nisha had left home without informing anyone and she wouldn’t respond to Ahmer’s calls either. Nisha comes home and faces the wrath of her mother.

The next morning, Asfand visits Nisha’s father and asks him to delay the marriage.

As this science unfolds, we see the acting powerhouse Fahad Sheikh (Ahmer) make a powerful entrance as he says “Tum Ho Kon Bhai?” and who gave you an invitation to interfere in our family matters? The moment Ahmer entered was indeed the focal scene of this episode.

The whole drama went into an intense mode, Fahad/Ahmer’s expressions, his pitch, his highs and lows connect with the audience in such a way that you just can’t turn your head away or lose interest. Ahmer tells Asfand to mind his own business and stay in his limits.

Misha (Nisha’s Sister) slaps Ahmer and leaves with her husband. Ahmer rushes to his room in anger, slams the door and smashes everything down in his room. This is was the first scene when I had tears in my eyes. Ahmer cried and made us cry with his realistic expressions.

Ahmer realizes later that he had gone too far with Asfand and that he should have put a stop to his rage. He then begs his pupha (Nisha’ Father) for forgiveness. Undoubtedly, Ahmer’s strong expressions, his princely looks and impressive dialogue delivery has a major role in gaining immense sympathy and public support.