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Published: 10:23 PM, 16 Feb, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦Hike in petroleum products price yet another blow; One-litre petrol costs about 160 rupees; Diesel Rs154 per litre;

♦Transporters increase fares by 25%; Public transporters set to raise fares;

♦Shibli Faraz’ formula to deal with price hike; says use minimum petrol; says had we have oil wells; we should go for exexxive use of commodity; Life cannot be normal in difficult times

♦Mohsin Baig arrested at the request of Murad Saeed: Facing charges of immorality by quoting Reham's book: ATC remanded Mohsin for 3 days; The team was fired upon in the raid, says FIA; Mohsin’s lawyer says plainclothesmen conducted the raid; house raid declared illegal; FIR proves that the raid was carried out illegally; The raid was carried out by people who have no authority, the court ruled: Police ordered to take action in accordance with the law

♦Imran Khan is not a creature from heaven, says Maryam Nawaz; questions citizen’s house raid; says Imran Khan can no longer save himself

♦ Zardari, Shehbaz, Bilawal condemn the arrest of Mohsin Baig: Shehbaz says the act is shameful; If you don't have the courage to listen to criticism, leave politics, says Zardari; Imran Khan's strength, not weakness, Bilawal showed

♦Letter to Attorney General Kanwaz Sharif's personal physician;  It is necessary to review all the reports of Nawaz Sharif; When can Pakistani doctors meet you, Attorney General?’ The letter was sent through the Pakistan High Commission

♦ The majority of the Tareen group is in favor of anti-government protests; Proposal of many members to stand with PML-N; Advice to Jhang members to maintain independent status; Jahangir Tareen was given the final say;

♦ The government is ready to face the expected no-confidence motion; Decision to add more ministers in federal, Punjab cabinet; Ministers will be taken from angry factions, allied parties; It also decided to provide more development funds to government members; 

♦ Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to Lahore; Usman Bazdar gave a briefing on political and administrative issues; The meeting also discussed law and order in the province; 

♦ Crimes in Lahore are even higher than in Karachi; There were 200,000 incidents in Lahore last year, Karachi police chief said; 84,000 cases registered in Karachi: Ghulam Nabi Memon; 

♦Boys and girls are insecure in Punjab; Where are the 142 abducted children? Police could not find out; In 12 months, 1525 children were abducted; The highest number of 810 cases was registered in Lahore;

♦ The country is ruled by incompetent rulers, Bilawal Bhutto; Poverty, inflation, unemployment at historic levels; The economic crisis was caused by the elected government; The new generation is ready to face an incompetent government; Demand for the revival of student unions across the country;

♦ Islamabad High Court slams Vodak's incompetence; Faisal Wadaki's petition against lifelong disqualification dismissed; Election Commission announces election on vacant seat; Polling will be held on March 9 in the Sindh Assembly building;

♦ Decision to hold local body elections in Punjab on May 29; Meeting chaired by Chief Election Commissioner; Agreed to hold local body elections in 2 phases;

In the first phase, there will be field in 19 districts; Elections in 17 districts including Lahore will be held in the second phase; 

♦ Case of death of Dr Noshin in Chandka Medical College; Decision to have DNA of all men who come to the hostel; It is illegal to kill a person out of court;

Incidents like Sialkot and Talamba tragedy cause concern, Allama Ragheb Naeemi; Scholars and rulers will have to move forward;

♦ US faces criticism over unfair distribution of Afghan assets; China has called the United States a bandit;  Says US deliberately made this decision

♦Fears of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine are fading; Russia announces end to "military exercises" in Crimea; The Ukrainian Defense Minister described the situation as stable;

♦ Heavy rains wreak havoc in Brazil; 20 killed in various accidents including landslides; The floodwaters receded, destroying many buildings

♦ The last numbered team in the points table competed; Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings rivals; Babar Azam is ranked first in the world T20 rankings; Rizwan still second, Aiden Markram third; KL Rahul Kachutha and David Milan fifth

♦Discussion on the issue of PSL commotion; If there was anger, Sohail Tanveer would have bounced, says  Saleem Malik; You want a fifth six after four, says Misbah; The show also featured pictures of beat winners; Watch the show to win prizes from 11pm to 12pm on 24News

♦ Pakistani mountaineer honors new high mountain; The new mountain was discovered by the name of Hassan Sadpara Peak; The mountain is an 8-hour walk from Sadpara village;

♦ Indian singer and musician Bapi Lahiri has passed away; Bapi Lahri, 69, was being treated at a Mumbai hospital;

♦ The molten iron began to look like a fireworks display; Unique event in Beijing; The artists created "Iron Flower" with unparalleled skill

♦ Teaser of crime thriller "Windfall" released;

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